Thursday, April 19, 2012

But the science isn't settled

I need to applaud Danielle Smith for not taking a climate change position even in the middle of a hostile CBC audience.  She stood her ground in front of a petulant and rude CBC crowd. 

That is leadership my friends.  That is the kind of person I will fight for. 

Not even Stephen Harper has the guts to say what Danielle Smith said recently. 

"We've been watching the debate in the scientific community and there is still a debate in the scientific community," -Danielle Smith, on air, on the CBC, in front of hostile insecure crowd.

She is consistent with what she said a few days earlier: “The science isn’t settled and we need to continue to monitor the debate. In the meantime, we need to support consumers in making the transition to cleaner fuels.”
'Heretic! Apostate! Seize the unbeliever!  Turn her into greenhouse gasses!'  You know the drill.

She didn't even say she doesn't believe in Climate Change.  She reserves judgement.  She isn't the expert.  A political debate is not the time or place to discuss the failure of climate science.  The science isn't settled.  Too bad. 

She didn't get bogged down like some GOP candidates.  She is a Hero.  You have to appreciate what a difficult thing it is to stand outside the established belief system when you are a politician.  I can't think of one more difficult.  She made the right choice.  She didn't back down and she didn't take the bait.  Full marks. Great respect for Danielle Smith. 

Even warmists say Alberta's Energy isn't a problem for their climate change religion.  Then you have the fact that climate change has failed to materialize.  None of the scare stories have come true.  Climate change today has been walked back a full 2/3rds from what the alarmists were predicting.  -But we still have the calls for restricting the economy and human freedom in the most ridiculous and pointless ways.

Believe what you want.  It's your mind.  You have the right to fool yourself about the climate.  But you can know in your heart the Danielle Smith and the Wildrose Party will not be throwing your money at green boondoggles and pointless schemes.  You can take that to the bank.

I also have to congratulate the many Wildrose supporters in the crowd.  You did us proud as well.  You did not behave like the warmist babies when you tell them there is no green Santa.  If I had manners like the warmists it would have been one uninterrupted stream of profanity whenever Redford opened her mouth.  We aren't like that.  We are good respectful people.

Bravo Mrs. Smith.
Keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...

Excellent Post..Thank you.
Ms Smith won a lot of supporters over that comment.

Boorshnik Greesh said...

What a much-needed breath of fresh air is Ms Smith. I hope against all hope that she is our premier as of Monday night, and with a healthy majority, too. If redford were to slither in after such a horrid campaign, I'd lose a vast amount of faith in my fellow Albertans.

cantuc said...

She will make a great premier.

RJ65 said...

She has earned a turn at the Premier's post. I hope she gets her just reward.

Anonymous said...

Her refusal to toe the politically correct line on a range of things is refreshing.

Anonymous said...

And then the rat queen says how well she's working with Washington on Keystone. Yeah how's that going?

Anonymous said...

She is not mainstream.

bertie said...

Wouldn't it be nice,just once to be not respectful and just beat the living shit out of these greenies and then tell them global warming made us do that,global warming made us act like greenies.Normally I am a very gentle,respectful person,but there is something very wrong with these idiots that makes gentle respectable people want to beat some sense into their heads.What gets me is they are all followers,not leaders.They are all,look at me ,I am wonderful,I drive a green car that breaks down and leaves me stranded,I use green bins filled with maggots and stinks up my neighborhood.I want to live like the cavemen and just watch CBC at night on a TV powered by the windmill in my back yard.I am so good,look at me look at me I am Green.Don't forget to vote for me,I am green.I don,t have have a brain to think,but Al and David told me all I want to ever know about being green,so I believe them.After all I saw that polar bear on the Ice flow in Al,s movie and want to help save him..I am green I am green I am green..Gotta repeat that several times each day.Anyone know where I can donate to this settled science group hug green puke movement.And I am so looking forward to doubling my hydro bill this year thanks to the greenie windmills in Ontario.Yes it would be nice just once to be disrespectful.

Anonymous said...

Haha still a debate in the scientific community, no actually it's phony scientist paid by oil companies who try to put a doubt...apparently it's working for gullible conservative who only care about tar's simply sad refusing that we are experiencing climate change due to human activities such as green house gas. Not surprised coming from a close minded libertarian.

climateccriminal said...

wonder how many of the obnoxious buffoons who booed her used fossil fuel vehicles to get back to fossiled fueled homes? so they could complain using fossil fuel manufactured electronic devices?

Clown Party said...

"Not even Stephen Harper has the guts to say what Danielle Smith said recently."

The Canadian Government [Harper] said that Canada will follow Obama on what he does concerning "Climate Change/Global Warming" in the USA. Obama is thinking of a Carbon Tax, and the Canadian Government will do the same. Yes Danielle Smith will look at the debate and look at proper action; the federal government will not even look at the "debate," yet, follow the decisions of the States.

Harper has never said the science is NOT settled and never will, because he is scared to stand up for what the skeptics says, instead he is terrified of enviroMENTALists.

Hope Smith wins and be the first Western "leader" to tell it like it is - the science is not settled.

Anonymous said...

Yes Danielle was great ! What a pity she is not at the helm of the Alberta government.

R. Ostertag

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