Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tearing down PC Corruption

I'm really happy to read the Wildrose will be installing anti-corruption legislation.  It's obvious from the litany of abuses by Progressives that the newest Wildrose pledge is long overdue.

The Alberta Accountability Act is an ambitious plan that will right the wrongs of our system as fleshed out by the corrupt PC party.  The plan will accomplish these tasks:
  • Cut the 30% pay raise MLA's received after the 2008 election.  While many Albertans had to make do with less as a direct result of their mishandling of the Royalty Regime the entitlement minded PCs rewarded themselves. 
  • Wildrose will create an independent Salary review body to keep MLA pay in line the private sector wages or regular Albertans.  Salaries will be made available online to all.
  • Voter Recall.  Once a politician like Allison Redford buys or lies their way into office the people will be able recall their elected member.  This was an Alberta law, but guess who got rid of it?  33% of constituents will need to sign a petition inside 60 days to trigger a recall.  Many PCs would have been voted out already.
  •  Whistle blower Protection.  The PC party is a chronic bully to its public servants.  At the direction of the PC party the bureaucracy issued gag orders to all front line staff like doctors and nurses.  This law will protect them and help improve service by stopping the cover up.
  • Voter initiated Referenda: if 20% of voters sign a petition inside 6 months it will automatically trigger a referendum at the next election.  Voters can directly initiate new laws without starting a new party from scratch or lobbying an existing one.  The referendum must be constitutional and cost neutral.  This is necessary to stop special interests from awarding themselves $1 million each or attempting to jail Stephen Harper. 
  • Free Votes in the Legislature.  This is one of my favorites.  All votes except confidence votes will be free.  Each MLA will vote according to their constituents wishes and not according to the Premier's direction.  Currently Allison Redford overrides and dictates each and every vote from every PC riding. 
  • Fixed Election Dates.  This puts a stop to opportunist elections and the gaming of democracy.  The PCs stopped a Senate election once already and sprang this election when they thought it was a good time.  Our system should not be ruled by polling. 
Its a great time to hear these great policies from Wildrose.  Its exactly what we need to breakup this culture of entitlement and intimidation.  After 41 years the PC party has rusted and rotted from within.  April 23rd is the day to set it all right by voting for Wildrose.

Its amazing to see how the microcosm of an election brings out the true nature of a governing party.  Thomas Lukaszak bullied a sick and elderly homeowner and then called police and told them he was assaulted.  When I think of how they threaten doctors and school boards and municipalities its totally in character to campaign this way.  Then you have the PC brains trying to steer the debate into abortion.  Danielle Smith has unequivocally stated that she does not intend to open the abortion debate nor could she as Premier even have the authority to do so.  Funny that they go back to fear mongering and intimidation about nonsense so quickly.  That is who the PCs are.  Walking dead.  Zombies with nothing left but fear.


Dave B. said...

All sounds great except the voter recall threshold. 33% seems low. I feel this piece of the Accountability Act should be around 50%.

Alex said...

Actually it could be lower. BC's is 30% while some US states have it at 15%. It doesn't really get abused in those cases. 1/3 of the consituency is hard to fool. Give people credit.

WTF said...

33% in 30 days might be a good balance. Most politicians get elected with 30% or less so I don't have a problem with the 33% figure.

harebell said...
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Anonymous said...

I've mentioned this in other posts and blogs within the blogging tories network.
It would be real nice if the Ontario PC's are taking notes on how to run a proper campaign against a corrupt government.

Anonymous said...

"Referenda: if 20% of voters sign a petition ..... referendum must be constitutional..."

Damned right. I am SO up for that.

First referendum? Public vetted performance reviews for judges! Whoopsy not constiutional?

Uhhh, yes it is (with the Notwithstanding clause) to ram it through.

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