Friday, April 6, 2012

Are known PC Scandals the Tip of the Iceberg?

No big announcements from any party in the Alberta election this Good Friday.  Its left me thinking about all the PC scandals we know of.  I'll try to list them in no particular order:
  • Royalty Review: drove scarce investment capital out of Alberta during the crash of '08.  The worst possible time.
  • Doctor Intimidation: Doctors who don't agree with the health bureaucracy are bullied and silenced
  • School Board Intimidation:  a Minister sent a threatening letter to a needy school board telling them to shut up or face the consequences.
  • Municipal Extortion: many dozens of municipalities were illegally coerced to donate funds directly to the PC party for this election.  Every PC sign you see is the result of illegal intimidation.
  • Ordering bars to charge more for Alcohol: The Progressives have this prohibition streak.
  • 0.05 blood alcohol law: administrative punishment effectively making 0.05 illegal when the criminal law is 0.08.  Reasoning for it involved using careless drunks to justify harassing casual drinkers.
  • Ending Property Rights:  Redford herself helped pen a set of laws that allows the government to seize property without cause or recourse.
  • Closing a private Zoo: If it wasn't for Sun News the Gazoo private Zoo would have been shut down on the orders of bureaucrats.  -Again without any recourse save public outrage.
  • Power lines: massively over sized and expensive power lines for no explained reason.  They had to seize land to do it and it sent electricity rates skyrocketing.  
  • Deficit: an illegal, persistent and structural deficit that seems to be permanent if Redford's election promises are kept.
  • Looting Heritage Fund:  untouchable by law before the PCs broke their own no-deficit law, the fund was looted of billions.
  • Postponing Health Report: if it was good news they would be waving it around all over the place.  Instead they stashed the damning health report until after the election.
  • Canceling Upgraders:  No reason was given for the multi billion dollar move after they initiated it in the first place. 
  • Budget commercials: really ticked me off.  Nakedly spending public money on election campaigning for a lavish budget.  I'm not aware of any government in the history of the world advertising a budget.
  • Supports anti-Alberta boycotts: Redford did not side with Albertans over Chiquita Banana Boycott.
  • Spends money funding Anti-Alberta propaganda: "Tipping Point" received tax money from PCs.
  • Carbon Capture: PCs subsidize a useless gesture to bury carbon.
  • Chronic innefficiency: the PC party spends over $10,000 per person while social welfare provinces like Quebec spend a mere $8000. 
  • National Energy Strategy: Nobody knows what this is but Redford has gone out of her way evoke memories of the NEP.  In the name of God why? 
I could go on but I don't have all night.  Help me out.  What did I miss?

It's staggering to behold as it is.  That is just what we know about.  What is in that stashed Health care report for example (and why isn't the media absolutely screaming for it???) ?  Why were those upgraders cancelled?  Why do we need these massive powerlines rammed down our throats?  Are they just comfortable being so arrogant and pushy that this is how they operate?  King like?  -or is there something they can't share with us yet?  You get the sense that the gigantic PC beuracratic machine is clanging away behind the scenes moving billions hither and yon while we are none the wiser.

You might think I'm being conspiratory but this speculation isn't outside the possible.  41 years is a long long time for secret scandals to build up.  I mean, look at the pile of crap above the PCs would have hoped we never noticed.  Don't tell me they aren't capable of something really despicable.

I'm an Ontario refugee.  I chose Ralph Klien's Alberta to escape progressives like McGuinty, Bob Rae and Allison Redford.  I was there when Bob Rae got the boot.  I was there when newly elected Mike Harris, ashen faced, went before the cameras to explain that Ontario's debt was much much larger than Bob Rae had led the public to believe. 

That could be the case here.  I don't put it past them.  Time will tell in this election.  If the Wildrose holds its lead I suspect the Progressives are going to get very scared and desperate and just nasty.  The worse things really are the nastier they will be.  The PC "natural governing party" is eventually going to pull out all the stops and give it all they've got to avoid this.  Resolve your nerve and square your stance because this cornered wounded animal is not going quietly. 

The Progressives really need to be run out of office.  Kicked to the curb.  Sent packing.  This is our time.  Our place.  Not another failed progressive utopia but Alberta!  The last free-est place on earth!  A place worth conserving, cherishing, and fighting for. 

Vote Wildrose


Anonymous said...

Ed Stelmach promised to never export bitumen. We want to process bitumen in Alberta. That's where the jobs are. Ed said it was like giving away our topsoil. It's a scandal we do not process our own bitumen.

Blame Crash said...

This is an excellent list but it doesn’t tell the whole storey of how utterly corrupt the PC’s are. The bigger storey is how many shady deals and rigged schemes that the Party henchmen have dealt themselves over all these years. Even if they were not illegal deals and schemes, they were just as rottenly wrong and if Albertans found out about them, they’d be enraged. “Potato-gate” is one such example of what I’m referring to. And lets not forget the “controversy” that Klein’s wife found herself in shortly after Ralph became Premier.
It is this corruption that has lead to the take over of the PC party by the bureaucrats. It is they who had a front row seat to all this corruption and they too have a list of all dirty deeds. Their list includes names, places and they do know where tons of evidence is buried because they helped to bury it. There is more than enough evidence to convict more than a few PC stalwarts. So now all these PC’s have to do what the bureaucrats tell them to. OR ELSE!

Anonymous said...

You forgot about the Athabasca University "donation".

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