Monday, April 9, 2012

The PC Pity Party

The poor dears at the PC Party think that pity is a winning strategy.  This Easter weekend a Progressive MLA named Thomas Lukaszuk chose to play the Christ.  "St. Thomas" (as he's become known) had the PC campaign tweet the media that the Education Minister had been attacked while door knocking. 
"He kept pushing and punching and then, when I turned away, trying to get away from him, he punched me in my back. All he was talking about is 'This is my property. Get off my property. I have my property rights. I can use any force I want to get you off my property.' So I got off his property." -Lukaszac
Awe.  Poor guy holding his chin.  Slickhipster in behind looks mad too.   The Progressives did the right thing to call their own personal police force out.  As Leader Alison said: " we stand together against violence."  To do that, you need at least 3 police cruisers, one cruiser marked 'SUPERVISOR'.  Edmonton being last years murder capital of Canada I don't suppose there is anything better to do.  OK sarcasm off.

The accused is a 67 year old senior named Al with asthma and liver failure.  He also caught the incident start to finish on security cameras.  The senior says he warned Lukaszuk to stay away during the last election and immediately warned him again this time.  A "nice push" was needed to convince the politician to be on his way.  The nice push occurs in 30 seconds that are out of view of Al's two security cameras.

Both of their stories have changed since the video surfaced.  At first Al said Lukaszuk was there for 15 minutes.  It was only 2 minutes finally.  Lukaszuk now says he was “open-hand punched and pushed.”

An open hand punch?  Open hands can push, grab or slap at worst.  Minister Lukaszuk has admitted that he has not been punched or kicked.  The polite term for this is an untruth.  Assault never happened.  Trespassing did happen, though in such minor way I'd call this whole thing a wash.

What is interesting is the way the PC campaign rolled on this.  Are they really after a sympathy vote?  "Oh muffin, here is my vote and my government."  That will make him feel much better. 

No.  See I really do pity the progressives.  This is actually their first election.  Nobody cared last time around.  Electors haven't had a choice since most of them were toddlers.  They've messed the province up so bad they are actually trying to harass and pity out a vote or 2.  Pathetic.

In the spirit of charity I thought I'd provide a lesson from the master progressive himself: President Sarkozy of France.  He's out handshaking with voters when you hear someone booing.  Sarko approaches the man and he says "don't touch me."  Sarko famously replies "Casse toi pov'con" or "F**k you poor jerk."  Smooth as silk.  He moves on saying "merci" and "bonsoir" to the next person like nothing had happened.  Like nothing happened.

It was a big deal in that election because it was caught on film.  If it wasn't filmed, it would have been nothing.  It's a negative situation and best left unremarked.  It shows the politician in a bad light and highlights the fact that people out there don't like him.  So what if they do right?  So why even talk about it?  You are a salesman talking about a flat tire at the auto show.  Get it now dummies?

That's all the charity I've got for pitiful progressives.  It pains me to see them fall so flat on their butts.  This is who is running Alberta.  This is part of why they need to go.

I'd rather not see pushy politicians get pushed even if they deserve it.  Shut the door if this happens to you.  Call the cops if they won't leave.  The incident might even be an appropriate metaphor for election day, but only a metaphor.  Lets run the poor jerks off on April 23rd instead.  We don't hate Progressives.  We like Wildrose more.  They have the rest of their happy lives to see it our way.  They just don't have any more time left in government.

Vote Wildrose!


Anonymous said...

Lukaszuk is a spoiled arrogant brat. The home owner had a Wild Rose sign on his lawn. Did Lukaszuk think he was going to get a cheerful reception?

No, he went up and knocked anyway when any reasonable person could tell they were probably enterring hostile territory.

Then when told to leave, does he? No, he keeps yapping. Obviously he is pissed that one of the squalid little peons of the electorate dares to do anything other than worship him.

Then he calls the big brave hero cops to act as his personal goon squad.

The cops send 3 cars to handle one ailing senior. Wow, you guys are a brawney bunch aren't you? I guess it's easier to push around seniors than catch, you know, drug dealers and murderers & things.

I guess if three cars full of cops and a supervisor are dispatched to handle one sick senior maybe we have too many cops on staff. Something to think about next civic election hmm?

maryT said...

Alberta Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk says constituent attacked him during campaign visit, from the National Post. I am sure he has a lot of voters across Canada who will feel very sorry for him. lol
What will be the result, every door he has knocked on, that is not PC, will have some not nice things to say about his actions, and we have 2 weeks to go. I wonder if he had any idea of how far this non event would travel.
This has probably cost him votes, not gained any for him.
Already I have read comments that his so called attacker is a victim of the PC health care fiasco. Will be waiting Apr 23 to see if he is elected again.
Looks like Ted Morton is going the way of the dodo bird also.

Blame Crash said...

Most people will be Doubting Thomas’s about Loitering Tomas's account after seeing this video.
Good Old Al deserves a medal for putting the run on that pathetic yuppie loiterer. He’s nothing but a girly-boy tool of the bureaucrats.
The best line of this Just For Laughs skit was when Al stated : "There, he looks pretty beat up, doesn't he"

Anonymous said...

Lukaszuk could not stand to see a Wildrose sign in "his" constituency. Typical statist attitude that was at one time very evident in the former Soviet satelite states. The Edmonton Sun reported today that two other Lukaszuk constituents had been harassed by the cabinet minister.

Refusing to leave after being told to goes along with Redfrods policy of no property rights.

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