Friday, April 27, 2012

Alison's Solyndra begins to collapse

Over in Ontario so called "progressive" policies have led to credit downgrades exactly as predicted. 

Here in Alberta, the eco-boondoggle known as Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) lost a major player.  TransAlta corp has pulled out of the $1.4 billion  Pioneer Project because it wasn't economically feasible.

The Minister of eco-nuttery (or Environment) Dianna McQueen says:
“Under new technology, sometimes this happens ... "
 That so happens to be the same excuse Obama used to explain the Solyndra failure.  Excuses appear daily as "green" endeavors fail.

The Minister predictably maintains that the other 3 projects are economically viable.  This must refer to a progressive definition of economically viable.  Projects subsidized in the tens of millions are normally thought of as economically infeasible. 

Even with the heavy subsidies, companies use the CO2 from CCS to stimulate old wells to produce more oil.  Money is made producing oil alone.  CO2 has no value.  Its smoke. 

TransAlta blames the inherent worthlessness of CO2 for the project's cancellation.  Government price controls on a worthless and ubiquitous substance like CO2 have failed everywhere they have been tried.  Al Gore's Carbon Exchange in Chicago was dreamed up by Enron and is now history like Enron.  European Carbon Exchange is rife with fraud and even the eco-nuts don't like it.

Don't ever say oil companies oppose cap and trade.  They don't.  Essentially, the government pays them gigantic sums of money to extract more oil.  What a deal.  You pay for it all.

The best part is that all of this is happening under the premise that its supposed to make you feel good.  Its the 'Do-Something' rationalization.  CCS has negligible impact on Climate Change according to the most alarmist Climate theories.  The PC government has committed $2 billion to do nothing at all.  $2 billion will make a lot of CO2 however its spent.  CCS does less than nothing at all for the Climate in theory and don't forget that It's only profitable if they can sell more oil doing it.  Stupid.  This is probably the most expensive way to produce oil possible.

"But we have to do something."

Why?  Why do we have to do something?  I am all for efficiency.  I despise waste.  The 'Do-Somthing' rationale is a total waste.  It doesn't affect global warming and it makes nobody happy.  I'm not happy and the eco-nuts are never happy.  Welcome to Alison's Wonderland Alberta.

Update: Minister McQueen says that no taxpayer money has been spent on CCS yet.  Hopefully the rest will pull out before the government can waste it.


RJ65 said...

At least this story has a happy ending, except for the public money already spent on the project. I guess she can now direct those funds towards her beloved teacher union.

Anonymous said...

If you want to sequester carbon, throw your old newspapers in the landfill.

Anonymous said...

The whole "lets pump billions of tax dollars into a hole in the ground to save the planet" notion is absurd - as are all leftie schemes.
CO2 is a miniscule part of the atmosphere, but without it there would be no life on earth, neither plant nor animal or human.
I remember learning in grade 3 that we humans exchange our CO2 - which we exhale with every breath - with plants, that need it to survive and grow. In exchange, plants give off oxygen which we need to breath in to survive. The science is settled and CO2 is not a "toxic gas" destroying the planet as the lefties assert.
The only rational explaination for this absurdity they perpetrate is a sinister one.
Some leftie gurus emphasize depopulating the earth and others focus on the destruction of capitalism by forbidding our energy supply and stopping all progress.
Ayn Rand predicted the next attack from the left after the glaring failure of communism would be "environmentalism" in her non-fiction book, "The Anti-Industrial Revolution", back in the seventies.
It's astounding that so many seemingly rational politicians fall for this crap and pay lip service to it even though they don't believe it.
Somewhere in Redford's plan is a kickback scheme - just like Obama set up with Solyndra.

The better politicians like Daniel Smith and PM Harper must think the sheeple are terminally stupid and that they must cater to this stupidity to be a political player. I hope that isn't the case but wouldn't blame them for getting that impression.
The only way to fight junk science with a diabolical political agenda is with better science and exposure.

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