Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Racism: A New Low for the PC Party

Can you be racist against whites?  An honest person will say "yes of course." 

The noise emanating from the self-loathing liberals in the PC campaign this week sank to a new low in fear mongering.  A senior Progressive spokesman Tom Olsen went on CBC and declared in so many words that Wildrose is made up of Old White Men.  I knew they would turn to fear when this election didn't go well.  The made-in-Toronto Progressive campaign has sunk past awful to despicable.  Watch.

This offends me on so many levels.  We want a merit based society.  Every skin colour should be treated equally especially by the government.  I can't be bothered to count the large number of old white guys in the PC party because it shouldn't matter.  Hypocritical and wrong headed.  Progressives will tell you the sky is green and the grass is blue.  Did you hear that lefty try to say the PC's are the new party with new ideas and young people?  COME ON!  They insult your intelligence.  Progressivism is 100 years old.  It started in the US.  It is used by people who decade upon decade are ashamed of conservatism but aren't hip enough for the left.  They are ashamed of Alberta and even ashamed of themselves.  They need urgent removal from power.

If you think he was just shooting off at the mouth.  The progressive party campaign manager Susan Elliot later said this:
“Women understand who the target is," said Elliott in the column. "Can you think of a single citizens’ initiative that would target a white guy like you?
“You're not the target. I'm the target. Ethnic minorities are targets. Gays and lesbians are targets. We’re the targets of those kinds of things.”
Target?  I don't think she means the department store.  She thinks Albertans will immediately "target" and attack people if grown up Progressives aren't holding us down.  The only thing she is right about is the Progressives will pin us down.  What insulting bunk.  Every Albertan should be offended by this.  It always starts with one group...

What exactly is wrong with a white man?  This right leaning libertarian freedom loving party with a young woman as its captain, The Wildrose Party, should be judged on skin colour, age, and sex?  This coming from an old white guy?  He thinks you should be afraid of old white guys because, I guess they are racist or something.  But shouldn't I be afraid of him since he's obviously ageist and racist and sexist against his own demographic?  Pointless question.  It's Progressive.  We aren't meant to understand.  We are meant to feel stupid and ashamed and go away. 

I have had enough of progressive ideas.  I've had enough of the idea that when I get old and being 'white' that I'll be a second class citizen.  My dad is an old white guy.  Am I supposed to be afraid of him?  Even my children (if I can responsibly afford to have any one day) will one day look forward to getting old and being regarded as something awful.  Maybe they will be lucky enough to be girls and like Alison Redford they will be exempt form this silliness because they can be old white women.  Then again how much worse 'progress' will there be in their time?

Progressivism never stands still though does it?  They are progressing.  They are moving forward and away from what is stable and familiar.  Progressing to what?  Progressive is the opposite of conservative.  Watch the video again.  Is that a conservative?  Are these PCs conservative in any way shape or form.  They are liberals folks.  Just liberals.  They are taking this province down a path Ontario has taken, California, Spain, Italy, Greece.  It just doesn't work. 

I'm a pretty fair skinned first generation Canadian of Portuguese heritage. Back where I was born, in Ontario, I recal people deciding that I was not white for equally opposite and despicable reasons. One white racist said that Latinos are not white no matter how I looked. Another non-white racist said that I was ok being white because Latinos aren't really white and he hates white people. They do the same thing to Jews.  I can't tell a Jew from a non-Jew and I really don't give a damn.  Does anyone else get how stupid this is? Its the Progressives that feed that stupidness.  They are ones who try to divide us.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. 

-Reverend Martin Luther King
The PCs want the opposite.  They want you to judge on skin colour because the content of their character is wanting.  The content of PC character is found in their dismal record and dismal, desperate conduct in this election.  They can't exactly run on corruption and incompetance can they?

If I ran for office, would I have to put a "certified non-white" caption on my photo?  That's progressive progress direct to ruin.  When the PC Human Rights Courts run out of things to do, will they close up shop?  That is the kind of stuff they turn to.

I left Ontario ten years ago for Alberta's green fields, beautiful mountains and bounding economy.  The Fraser Institute says that this is still the freest place on earth.  I'm not leaving.  There is nowhere else to run.  I make my stand here.  I don't want socialism.  I don't want progressive ideas that make me a second class citizen.  I don't want a Dalton McGuinty here too.  No Bob Rae's either.  Redford's borrowed billions and her race baiting are a slow poison for Alberta.  Vote Wildrose.  Vote for a Free Alberta.
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Anonymous said...

I guess I have to get my eyes checked because I thought Danielle Smith was a women, but if the WildRose is being led by old white men....

Daryl Hergenhein said...

Like this quote by you "The PCs want the opposite. They want you to judge on skin colour because the content of their character is wanting." Well said

Anonymous said...

I'm Metis and Sioux. Last election they asked me to run. I declined. I really don't think I am qualified.
This time, the vast majority of the Wildrose candidates are quite qualified and accomplished.

Blame Crash said...

Let’s give Steven Dollansky a lot of credit. He shone brilliantly, and it wasn't just because he was up against a dullard like this Olsen character who sure knows how to put the puck in his own net.

Alex said...

Anon1: Progressive. That is the label for that brand of nonsense. Its kind of a resplacement word for obfuscatory bullcrap. I'm sure you are aquianted with it.

Daryl: Thank you!

Anon2: Wow, that is very respectable and responsible of you to decline. Many would jump at the chance to win big like the NDP did in Quebec. I'm glad you are with us. May you become qualified enough for service one day!
As for me I'm under standing orders from the boss of my life never to run. I don't think she knows about the perks. ;) Wildrose is going to get rid of those anyway, so I'll never get permission.

Blame Crash: Dolansky did do really well. Thanks for bringing that up. Olsen had me seeing red so Dolansky's excellent performance went unremarked. I took care to get his complete statements though.

wilson said...

Are Warren Kinsella and Frank Graves writing REDford's talking points?

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