Saturday, April 14, 2012

Alberta's Wildrose Firewall

What is a Firewall?  Is it a wall of fire?  A firewall is a fire proof barrier or a software barrier against unauthorized software access, theft or vandalism.

Danielle Smith spoke about the Alberta Agenda or policy firewall recently.  An Alberta firewall would prevent policy vandalism or theft from spreading into our economy directly.  Danielle says:
"Someone’s got to say the system isn’t working. Someone’s got to tell Quebec and the other provinces they can actually strive for something better. They don’t have to constantly be looking to Ottawa to transfer dollars to them to be able to meet their pressing local needs. I believe they’ll accept that challenge. It may be a little tough to accept that initially,”
Read the original "firewall" letter here.  Wildrose doesn't explicitly endorse the letter but Danielle Smith does seem willing to think about it and update it. 

In some circles protecting Alberta is a bad thing.  Environmentalists and Socialists, would be looters and other Progressives all have a burning desire to control Alberta. 

It goes back a long way when you think about it.  The earliest days of Confederation saw Prime Minister Laurier divide Buffalo into Alberta and Saskatchewan.  Even then a unified west was seen as a challenge to the power of central Canada.

More recently Trudeau imposed the hated National Energy Program which decimated the economy of Alberta.  Ecco's of the NEP surfaced again in 2008 with Dion's so called Green Shift.  The green shift would have been neither green nor a shift but it would have punished Alberta severely.  The PC royalty regime cock-up would have looked like cakewalk if the Liberals had won.

Just a few months ago Alison Redford's new best friend Dalton McGuinty called for punitive action against Alberta.  His idea was to de-value the Canadian dollar by striking at Alberta.  The cheap dollar would then make manufacturing cheaper and magically create a demand for goods from Ontario. 

In case you didn't know already progressives don't really believe in win-win.  Listen to their philosophers and you will hear them declare free market economics to be a zero-sum-game.  They think commerce is an interaction where one party must lose in order for another party to win.  This is demonstrably false.  Win-lose is an illusion in any deal because the loser eventually gets wise and it becomes lose-lose.  The myth continues strangely and it does excuse for them all the losers created in anti-market government intervention.  It's also the route cause of McGuinty's irrational statements.  Harming Alberta does not help Ontario.  Ontario harms itself and then seeks to harm us because they can't blame themselves.

I like the idea of a Firewall.  A barrier against temporary insanity is just what Alberta and the rest of Canada needs.  McGuinty spouts off about harming Alberta but Dion campaigned on it and Trudeau actually did it.  (Mulcair now quietly plots it again)

The Harper Government is business and trade friendly.  The economy is top priority but even the Harper Government won't last forever.  However unlikely it seems, the NDP could conceivably take government.  Mulcair has already revealed some of the same anti-Alberta policies progs have tried before.

The left in general seethes at Alberta's success.  It's not part of the plan.  Peak oil predictions have come and gone over and over.  New technologies make Oil sands recovery cheaper and quicker and more efficient.  New reserves open up all the time.  Innovation is impossible for the central planners to deal with.

Alison Redford has gone to great lengths to be one of them.  The PCs fund Anti-Alberta propaganda.  She personally sided with corporations who try to boycott us.  She even went to Toronto to propose a National Energy Strategy with Dalton McGuinty.  We don't really care if Ontario wants to bankrupt itself.  They just had an election, they should suffer the consequences.  Alberta paid the tab for Quebec all these years and now Ontario wants to be a fiscal basket case too.  Sorry friends but you are cut off.  (We still love you though)

Alberta needs the Wildrose and Danielle Smith's firewall.  Only Danielle Smith can stand up to the infernal socialist insanity that occasionally grips a country.  Alberta needs a Wildrose government.

Vote Wildrose!


Anonymous said...

Living in BC I am so jealous of the opportunity voters in Alberta have in voting for the Wildrose Party.

Craig said...

Socialism can only exist when it is surrounded by socialism. Alberta is the exception in this country and it is driving socialists in other provinces mad. It is why we are seeing editorials from Toronto newspapers interjecting their fearmongering into this election. If Wildrose wins then it will threaten their socialist plans elsewhere.

fernstalbert said...

My goodness those poor, nervous citizens of the ROC, who only know fear and trepidation. Can't think for themselves and need the nanny state to guide them on every step of life. The MSM delivers this "scary" Alberta meme in so many ways. Albertan are not afraid of the future - we have great hope and anticipation of better things to come. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Smith combined with Mr. Harper, who’s also from Alberta, will surely straighten out the socialist in the quebec and the east!


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