Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This is why Alison Redford should be fired

41 years in office.  The PC record is so long that dynasties have come and gone without a change in party.  It's such a long record that they have disavowed parts of it.  They have disavowed the best parts, like Ralph Klien's rein.

They made a huge mess after they forced Klien out.  Driving investment out of Alberta with a ridiculous Royalty Regime.  Health care is a disaster that don't fully know the measure of.  Redford postponed a Health report until after the election you see, so I don't expect if to be full of good news.  Then there is the intimidation of doctors and school boards.  There is the corruption of extorting illegal donations directly to the PC party from municipalities and a University.  They receive the money from you and me, tax money, and are intimidated into giving that money to the PC party or they will not receive funding.  That is called a kickback.

This is why Alison Redford should be fired.

If that wasn't enough, her dismal campaign places her party to the far left of the NDP.  Redford has made 7 billion in promises so far, on top the 3 billion in her "fudge-it budget" and is still in debt by 3 billion. Alison Redford has no experience balancing a budget.  With oil over $ 100/bbl this is nothing short of gross incompetence and mismanagement.  An old boot can manage this province better that Alison Redford.

This is why Alison Redford should be fired.

I used to say that it was nothing personal against the PC's.  "I don't hate Progressives, I just like Wildrose more."  That was when I thought they were Ralph Klien's party.  This election has seen my worst fears realized.  They deserve unemployment for how they have messed up so badly.   They don't deserve futher consideration or sympathy in the future.  Their borrowed talent from Toronto has had them fear mongering against their own base and against the soul of the province.  They are not your dad's PC party.  They say this while trotting out their oldest members.  The old white men are all in the Wildrose says their old white men.   -insinuating there is something inherently wrong with old white men.  They imply Wildrose is full of racists and homophobes while running quotable homophobes in the very same election.  Its an insult.  Redford openly lies during the debate and whenever she opens her mouth.  (I think the federal Liberals might be grooming her.  -Start her off with a big loss)

This is why Alison Redford should be fired.

Its true that Wildrose doesn't have experience.  Who does?  41 years in office and this is the best they can do running your government.  They can't even run a campaign without angering their own voters.  Their entire campaign is built on getting that gigantic Liberal vote in Alberta.  The PC Party doesn't have a clue what they are doing. 

This is why Alison Redford should be fired.

Sure the PCs have experience.  The wrong experience.  The experience of getting it wrong.  If Albertans reward this poor excuse for a party with more government because of some scary stories they will get more of the same.  Incompetence and Fear mongering.

This is why Alison Redford should be fired.

Would your boss give you a another chance if you lost $3 billion dollars and planned to spend $7 billion more?  You would be fired too.  You are Alison Redford's boss.  That is right.  You pay her salary and you deserve better.  We all do.  We don't owe Alison Redford and her PC party anything.  We are the ones on the hook for all this money Alison is losing.  You owe Alison Redford and the PC Party a reckoning. 

This is why you should fire Alison Redford.

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WTF said...

I am from Ontario but greatly interested in this election. I am hoping that the PCs get wasted by Wildrose and then our own PC party starts 'getting it'. One thing I noticed in the debate was that everytime some corruption issue was brought up that Redford basically said 'I am in charge now and I did this or that'. What I got from that is she is saying that yes my party is corrupt and incompitent but for me. Am I the only one that saw that?

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