Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Iranium. See it. Tell it. Stop them.

Never has a picture of evil been so clear cut as in the case of Iran.  These guys make the Nazi's look like gentlemen.  Seriously.  Did the Nazi's sacrifice their children clearing mines?  Did they so boldly and routinely call for mass murder?  Even the Holocaust was a Nazi secret.  Iran makes no secret about finishing the Holocaust. This film is required viewing.

This movie is terrific and terrifying.  It's no wonder the Iranian agents in Ottawa tried to shut it down.  It exposes the single minded hatred and insanity of the Iranian regime since the Islamic Revolution.  It reveals the murderous nature of a theocracy that has marched their own children into minefields to die.  If they do that, what won't they do?

My girlfriend, who is a vegetarian animal lover and a teacher, was appalled at how they abused and murdered children especially.  "Why can't they use cows," she pleaded to me in pained incredulity.  What could I say?  They are beyond reason.  They are absolutely evil. 

They have sponsored terrorism around the world and actively seek to develop nuclear ICBMs.  They are pledged, not only to the destruction of Isreal, but the annihilation of all infidels and themselves as well.

The leftists, who are obsessed with phony and mundane threats like Global Warming, are calling the film "propaganda."  They don't say why of course.  We all know that everything say about Iran is true.  They shout it to crowds on national television.  They indoctrinate it into little girls.  We see their cruel murders on film.  There is no doubt whatsoever.  Iran is the ultimate evil.

Its just counter to the leftist narrative.  That is why this film is so important.  We are living quietly next to an existential threat to all of civilization and all the lofty minds can talk about is the global average temperature rising by a tenth of a degree!  Its astounding.

When the movie was over I told my lover that I can't live in a world where Iranian dreams are ever realized.  No one can.  She completely understood and agreed.  She is the most peaceful person I know, but she isn't stupid.  To simply standby while your self-proclaimed enemies plot the destruction of everything we love is inhuman.  Knowing what we know, we can't be excused from our moral responsibility to defeat Iran.

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hunter said...

Excellent. You portrayed the issue in a non-partisan way. You didn't make it left against right, you made it about survivors against a terror attack, and that is what the Islamists are, terrorists. Be prepared.

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