Friday, February 25, 2011

Move over Jack Bauer, Bob Rae is tracking Jihadis

Bob Rae calls the PMO staff "25 year old Jihadis."  I have to give him a tiny bit of credit here.  At least the Bobo isn't calling them Nazis or Satanists.  The left has cried wolf on that count so many times now that it has the opposite effect.  

Here is my latest value added video of Bob Rae's violent rhetoric.

Never mind that he is supposed to be the Liberal Foreign Affairs Critic.  Never mind that he is supposed to know what a Jihadi is.  Never mind that he can't wait to bring a real Jihadi like Omar Khadr to Canada to set him free and give him $10 million of your money.  Never mind that he wants to blame the torture of real Jihadis on our troops and our government.  Never mind that he flew directly to his UAE buddies, an Islamic dictatorship similar to that of Mubarak and Qaddafi, after they ended CF landing rights that supported our mission in Afghanistan. 

Never mind all of that.

When the PMO doesn't pay any attention to the NOT thing that happened 2 years ago, they are controlling Jihadis.  Yes, he's a moron and a leftard, but this latest slur was in response to NOTgate (or NOT scandal, or whatever you want to call it, its just NOT).  The mere fact that the NOT thing was kept in Bob Rae's back pocket for that long and is now resorting to ridiculous name calling is very telling of its veracity.  -Very telling indeed.  Shame on Bobo Rae, shame on Liberals, and shame on all left wing media activists desperate to edge back the Conservative Party.

I'm starting to think this Government should hold out as long as possible.  All these faux scandals are having the boy-who-cried-wolf effect.  The more they scream and shout at nothing, the less effective any of it becomes.  It is to laugh.


Anonymous said...

The Liberal party of Canada along with the CBC are

C(Cockroaches) B(Bias) ^ C(Conservatives)


Alex said...

LOL seriously. Some people just write LOL but I just burst out laughing at your comment. Please come again. ROFLOL!

fernstalbert said...

Bob Rae the Cassandra of Jihad. lol Good post. cheers

Jen said...

BOB RAE will regret the day he said it BECAUSE one day he WILL encounter one.
When Bob RAE decided to go against the sitting government for the sake of a foreign government like UAE to encourage to do what they want is also the day Rae will regret. because when his party ever gets into power with the help of the media; don't be surprise that UAE demands that all their planes be allowed 'ONLY' in TORONTO and no other provinces. What then will RAE say to the UAE GOVERNMENT.

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