Thursday, February 17, 2011


 Not-gate: the appropriately named faux gaffe created when Bev Oda declined $7 million to a religious group by writing "Not" on a funding approval document.

Let me first congratulate Bev Oda on the cut itself.  Thank you and well done.  I'm looking forward to more and larger cuts in fact.  Keep up the good work.

Perhaps she should have written "void" on it instead or perhaps torn it into little pieces.  Someone suggested (can't remember who) that we should hand out Government of Canada 'NOT' rubber stamps.  Imagine the good each of them could do with one of those. 

In fact, here is a digital NOT stamp.  Its transparent, so just overlay it on any opposition document you like.

Here is the Liberal-NDP Coalition Document of 2008.  Iggy signed it and gave it to our Head of State.  Its more official than your own birth certificate.  Canadians told the losers what they thought of that one.  NOT!
What about Iggy's book.  Does that survive the stamp?  NOT!
And finally the CBC.  Is their annual billion dollar bailout worth going into debt for?  NOT!


bertie said...

Well done Bev Oda..Find some more cuts to special interest groups and NOT some more of them.That should put the coalition,s panties in a KNOT

Anonymous said...

Be careful Spin assasin you might just be labled by Chantel Herbert as a spin doctor for the Harper govt....oh wait we already have that title(wears it proudly) LOL!

Whats ironic about the whole thing is that its her department!She made a judgement call.A good one too.


Anonymous said...

I love how the Liberals and their media whores latch onto issues that Canadians couldn't care less about. No wonder they are trailing so badly in the polls.

Anonymous said...

Is there some way to e-mail this to Bev Oda? She might need some cheering up, right now.

Anonymous said...

Seriously?? You're going down this road??
Well, then you can't EVER have the words 'adscam' uttered out of your mouth again.
She lied to parliament. That's the issue. If she didn't want to fund KARIOS, there were proper ways to document that. She didn't. She broke the rules of parliament and then she LIED about it.
And you're good with that.
I can see where your moral center is.

Fred from BC said...

If you truly believe that Bev Oda 'lied' to Parliament, then find some evidence to prove it. Otherwise, STFU. No one is buying your baseless accusations no matter how many times or how loudly you shriek them. Oh, and an internal memo can be 'documented' any way the Minister likes. Or not at all, as she sees fit. Deal with it.

I eagerly await next week's fabricated scandal...perhaps you'll have better luck with that one, huh?

gimbol said...

SHe was asked who wrote the word "not" on the doc. She was out of the country and she ordered the funding be stopped. She was not in the room when the doc was altered. So when asked about the word "not", (funny nobody in the opposition seemed to question why the funding was stopped) she naturally couldn't honestly respond that she knew "who" did it. Thats not a denial, and its far more credible than Paul Martin's adscam testimony that as FM he couldn't recall why 50 million being budgeted to the PM of the day (some crook named Chretien).
However, she did admit that she ordered it done.

Now are you guys really that anxious to force an election because a government minister cut funding during a time that governments everywhere are trying to trim costs?

Anonymous said...

BRAVO! I love the NOT stamp!!
They should have these issued out to government departments by the thousands!!!

Alex said...

@ Bertie: thanks

@ Joshua: In blogging, I've found loud beats careful. Hebert is in town actually. I'm not afraid of her, but I would bet she is afraid to acknoeledge me. I don't expect her to be calling me anything at all.

@ Anon 2: yup today's spin is that polls don't matter. Thats cool because I don't think not-gate matters.

@ Anon 3: I assume her office email is available. I feel sorry for her too. This is why I'll never run for office. Putting up with the various dolts is not in my DNA.

@ Anon 4: Adscam, Adscam, Adscam. Seriously. You equate this farce with theft. I also make no apologies or excuses or explanations for my moral center. You not only take me too seriously but you also take yourself a little too seriously as well. I am very much in contempt of parliment myself.

@ Fred: totally agree with you though this happens to be a no STFU zone. Let the clenchers have their say, its good sport.

@ gimbol: I'm not entirely sure about what went on except that the right thing happened at the end. That's all I care about. I'm just goal oriented.

@ Anon 5: heh Thanks man. If only.

I'm thinking we should actually bring back Hellena. Why resign a minister when we could pick up an MP?

Fred from BC said...

@ Fred: totally agree with you though this happens to be a no STFU zone. Let the clenchers have their say, its good sport.

You're right, of course. I don't usually take that route, but did so here for two reasons... first because of the disrespectful tone of the (anonymous) poster and secondly because there are just SO MANY others just like him posting exactly the same baseless accusation on SO MANY Conservative and Liberal blogs that I'm really getting tired of repeating the obvious: if there really is any actual proof of a 'lie' told by the Minister about this, then POST IT!

Don't just tell me that "she lied". Prove it to me.

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