Sunday, February 27, 2011

S.E. Cupp on Atheism and Penn Jillete on S.E. Cupp

S.E. Cupp breaks the stereotypes that have been foisted on both atheists and conservatives.  Here she takes questions on atheism from her viewers on the 5th hour of Glenn Beck's Insider Extreme.  She's conservative first and atheist second.  She doesn't define herself by her atheism and neither do I.

Social Conservatives think they own Conservatism, and Leftist think they own Atheism.  Both untrue.  S.E. Cupp can speak for us atheist conservatives any day.  We have a place in the big conservative tent and we also pull out the stakes of the left wing tent.   Their perennial fear mongering about the evil and powerful religious right hidden agenda melts away before us.  Only the right, home of libertarian ideals, truly defends the right to our own freedom of religion and self fulfillment.

Incidentally, I stumbled across this Penn Point Video where he also discusses Cupp's atheist conservatism.  Penn has got to be my favorite Libertarian and atheist.

I think I know what to ask her next week: S.E. have you seen this Penn Point episode?  Do you have any comments and will you be having him on your show any time soon?


Anonymous said...

another child trying to find her way. why do we put any value on what someone has to say who is only partially formed as an intellect?

Alex said...

She's thirty something like myself. So how old do you have to be before you're and adult in your world? Oh I see, only people who agree with you are fully formed adults. The rest of us will need self appointed nannies to guide us to the culturally appropriate sky fairy before we can be adults I'm sure.

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