Friday, February 11, 2011

Metaphors, Similies, Analogies, and Colloqialisms do not Incite Violence.

Not to get too serious on a Friday, here is something you can find at Glenn Beck's Insider Extreme.  Brian Sack pokes fun at just about everything, and this time its Political Correctness run amok.

For the record; hatred incites violence.  Hatred, who's symptoms include chanting: "Death to America."  That incites violence.  Using common metaphors, similies, analogies, and colloqialisms have never incited violence.  They are simple tools of our language to enhance the communication of abstract ideas with familiar concepts.

This idea stems from the progressive discipline of Political Correctness.   It is simply a method of control over speech that creeps in when high emotions are involved as was the case in the aftermath of the Tuscon shooting.

I used to have as my slogan: "puts the cross-hairs of reason on spinners and spin."  Yes I caved and changed it to reticle but reticle of reason sounds better.  -don't you think?  Besides, microscopes, telescopes, cameras and viewfinders of all kinds have reticles.  They aren't found strictly on firearms.

Nothing I can do about assassin though.  LOL  Only losers play progressive games.

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