Saturday, February 12, 2011

Atheist Conservative S.E. Cupp Joins Glenn Beck’s Insider Extreme

I was pleased and surprised when Glenn Beck announced that S.E. Cupp is joining Insider Extreme for a daily 1 hour segment.  I was so pleased in fact that I signed on for a month to see what its like. 

A Google search for ‘Conservative Atheist’ will inevitably lead you to a C-SPAN interview of S.E. Cupp.  I saw this interview a while ago and it has left me on the lookout for news about S.E. Cupp ever since.

This week’s S.E. Cupp show is live from CPAC (Kapak! She likes to say).  She interviewed many interesting conservatives but during the conversation she confirmed that she was indeed still an atheist.  It takes some guts to declare yourself an atheist live from CPAC.  I can safely say that I got my money’s worth just for that day.

Not only do you get 3 hours of Beck daily, but you also get an hour of S.E. Cupp, one hour of the other 2 guys (Pat and Stu, sorry guys but you know the score), and a whole bunch of documentaries and other special shows. 

Hooray!  Its like SUNTV News came early.  If you want a model for an online current events channel, here it is.  There is plenty of free stuff to sample at and if you don’t feel like spending money yet don’t worry.  I’ve been eying insider extreme for months before signing on.  I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve prepared a short video from the C-SPAN interview and the S.E. Cupp show dealing specifically with her atheism.   Freedom of religion and worship includes the freedom not to worship or be religious at all.  Only libertarian ideology truly protects atheists from the collectivizing tendencies of the leftward end of the political spectrum.  

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