Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Free Thinking Film Society makes Iran Sad

Well well.  Way to go Free Thinking Film Society!  You are getting the islamofascists in Iran pretty angry.  Get it all on film if you can.

The torch of freedom has been discarded by the left.  They didn't drop it.  They didn't lose it or forget it.  They intentionally discarded it.  Their attempts to be the ultimate high minded intellectuals has them blindly supporting religious fanatics and oppressive regimes.

Now its the conservatives who pick up the cast off torch of freedom.  We are the champions of Liberty and Human Rights.  We are the ones standing up to oppression and calling things as they are even if some find the truth offensive.

A simple showing of a movie in a public building in Ottawa has drawn threats from extremists reports Sara Boesveld in the National Post.  No its not Palin crazed Tea Party grannies.  These people don't want Iran shown in a poor light.  Presumably when they finally justify a regime change its better for it to be a big surprise.  A big surprise.  Pow!

It turns out the Iranian Embassy was leaning on the National Archives to shut it down and they did.  They take orders from Iran now, complete with threats of violent protests in our capital?   Amazing.

Heritage Minister James Moore tweeted: "I am disappointed that Library & Archives Canada chose not to show the film tonight due to threats of violence.  The Iranian Embassy will not dictate to the Government of Canada which films will or will not be shown in Canada."

Agreed Mr. Minister except that is exactly what they did.  I recommend that the CBC be ordered to show the documentary Iranium on nation wide prime time.  That is what the CBC is for right?  It stands up for Canada while corporate interests would simply be bought off.  Isn't that their line?  Isn't that what a billion dollars a year buys us at the very least?  The Passionate Eye seems appropriate, but giving the Free Thinking Film Society its own show would be even better.  I would watch it every week like a clock and it would greatly  improve my opinion of the station.   Something tells me they will have better luck with SUNTV. 

UPDATE:  The show must go on.  The National Archives has been directed to show the film per James Moore and Jason Kenny.  Well done Ministers!
UPDATE 2:  Both CBC and CTV have reported the issue.  Thank you very much. ( h/t Dr.Roy )

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