Thursday, January 27, 2011

Liberals to Canadians: Take a Hike!

The Liberals, the Bloc, and the NDP, also known as the Coalition, want to raise taxes.  These "Tax Cuts" they are screaming about were actually passed in 2007 with their help.  There will be no Corporate Tax Cuts in the next budget.  The latest Tory Tax Cut took affect this month.

Liberals plan to raise corporate taxes back to 18%.  The NDP wants to go higher and the Bloc is happy to extort whatever it can.  They want the Conservative Budget to include new higher taxes or face an election.

We will go to the polls.  Socialists shall not raise taxes or implement new entitlements while this government has the writ.

Here are some things I expect a Coalition to impose:
  • Raise corporate taxes.  Those are taxes on your RRSP, TFSA, pensions, and other investments.
  • Raise the GST.  Remember their promises.  Remember their whining when it was cut.  How many thousands has the GST cut saved you over time?  $1000?  $2000?  $3000?
  • Abolish the TFSA
  • Return of the Green Shift and a Carbon Tax.
  • A National Childcare Service.  A new ever-expanding government behemoth to compete with current small businesses.  Comes complete with a new Union ready to take your life hostage.
  • Canadians will become 'have-nots' just like McDonkey's Ontario.
Lets not just stop the insanity.  Lets not even start it.  Lets kick the Socialist Coalition to the curb.  Its long overdue.

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