Friday, January 28, 2011

How Spin Assassin Lost the Election

Oh Noooooes!

Well folks, it looks like I have single handedly delivered the country to the Socialist Coalition of Losers.  LOL  Isn't personal reponsibility a drag?

First I decided to do my part for the great effort, by capturing a former Liberal Finance Minister defending corporate tax cuts.  This was my first video capture and my first upload to Youtube.

Then I caught a good debate about corporate tax cuts with Monte Solberg.  I even added a little text.  Quite a brakthrough for a novice.

The next day I had a good laugh at Iggy popping off at the podium.  I took the video from Steven Taylor's blog and performed my first edit.  I cut Howard Dean's itinerary from his speech and added Iggy's own question to his spaztic yessing.  Then I laughed some more.  

I'm still laughing.  I made a joke video about a politician for the internet.  What a scandal.  My freinds shared it on Facebook and we all had a good laugh.  It turns out my 3rd video ever was picked up by the CPC war room and profesionally made into an attack add.  Wooops!

I guess they agree because I can't find the add at the moment.  You probably remember it anyway.

Here is my 3rd video of all time.  Its the video where I taught myself to edit movies.

LOL the ultimate yes man.

See the resemblance?  hahaha  Thanks guys, but I'm not the only voter out there.  You certainly make learning fun.  For the record, I thought the pooping puffin was hilarious.  It's what I'd expect from myself, not from you.  I can laugh at the pooping puffin and still see it as a mistake.  Stepping out of yourself and seeing something from another persons perspective is an essential skill in politics.

I basically agree with these conservative bloggers:
Gerry Nicholls
Alberta Ardvark
Kieth Beardsley
Prairie Tory
The Phontom Observer
Freedom is My Nationality

Some of those guys hate the CPC but not all of them and they have a point.  Loyal supporters endorsed your ad.  (Dr Roy, Christian Conservative)  I'll guess the silent majority also had a chuckle before they forgot all about it.  I passed the ad along myself on Facebook.  Coworkers inevitably made a sexual link to Iggy's emphatic yessing.  All very funny.

The thing is the 'hands firmly on the wheel, stay the course, steady as she goes' reasoning for voters to keep the incumbent doesn't fit prankish raspberry type ads.  I love them, but lets leave the crass humour to me okay?

I don't represent the CPC, but they represent us.  I'm not paid by anyone (its the other way around).  Nothing I do or say can reasonably harm the CPC.  While the enemy swats and flails at fly's like me, you guys have to bring the big game.

On the bright side.  The election is still months away unless Jack or Iggy caves.  15% of Canadians aren't even paying attention.  Nobody will care about this 2 or 3 months down the road.  I know I won't.  -And look Iggy is gaffeing away right now, and CTV is providing cover.


Fay said...

Hey for what it is worth!!!I thought they were very funny and great!
But I am just a middle aged retired nurse from the prairies!!!
Keep up the good work, Canada needs more young guys like you.

CanadianSense said...

I think the ads were funny and my sense of humour is not for everyone.

The fact the MSM and Liberals went bat$hit crazy over the ads is predictable.

They did the same thing with the just visiting ads.

Only 15% of people are paying attention to the noise from Ottawa.

During the campaign many more Canadians will get interested and perform their civic duty.

Keep up the cheeky ads.

Anonymous said...

Good work you did, but there is nothing wrong with the CPC ads at all. It is the leftist weak kneed media that has a problem with those ads, nobody else does. (real conservative)

The_Iceman said...

So you don't agree with me? Too bad, you are one of my favourites.

Alex said...

@ Fay: Thank You

@ CS: I intend to sir. Thanks for stopping by.

@ RC: Thanks! Point there too, but it still doesn't pass the grandma test. Would you be proud to show this ad to your grandma? Not really. Like it or not the CPC is the government which means they speak for everyone... or should try to.

@ Iceman: see above. Thanks for listing me bro. I know its not because we always agree. I need to revamp my blog when I get a chance and I'll make a blog roll with you on it too.

Anonymous said...

Alex, Grandma don't like liars. (real conservative)

Alex said...

@ RC: er no. Who is lying? Iggy may well be an idiot but I wouldn't bother her with foolish videos. I'm all about the truth. Spin Assassin get it. Both my grandmothers were the type to cross themselves if you spoke of evil. Its unbecoming of the CPC to make video's like mine.

I'm not sure if your are calling me a liar, but please be specific so I can prove you wrong. Go and check the dates of uploads etc, if you doubt my story. I don't take being called a liar lightly. I assume you are just speaking generally.

Alex said...

Sorry I got defensive, its been a long day and its still going.

Let me put it another way: I speak differently to my boss than I do to my co-workers, than I do to my customers, than I do to my mother, all without lying. Its a question of appropriate communication to your audience. The audience for the ads is you and me. There is no reason for the CPC to sully itself when folks like me can just pull that out of thin air.

Either way, a lot of people loved that ad, a lot. I'm surprised at how many. I could be wrong, but... its more likely that I've spent more time thinking about it than it really deserves.

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