Monday, January 31, 2011

Now this is a positive ad.

Governor Chris Christie is running radio ads in Illinois, Obama's home state, to lure businesses to New Jersey.

Wow.  You've got to admire Chris Christie.  Its a no nonsense, straight up ad that just delivers the plain truth to the audience.  No gimmicks.  No snarkiness.  It just says 'Hi, we have low taxes, low red tape, and its going to stay that way.  Come on over'


Chris Christie ad 

Illinois Voter: "Darn I bet they have greener grass too.  I better move there before the jobs do.  The blasted socialists are gonna pay if I ever see a ballot again......" 


Anonymous said...

This is a clear message of how a strong federation should work…i.e. by provinces and states competing on taxes and efficient government services. If we ever get a sane Premier in Queens Park, Ontario should be advertising the benefits here versus the socialists in Quebec.

Gov Christie was recently on a segment of Larry Kudlow and was very clear that his new budget would be cutting taxes to business in order to grow the economy, create jobs and balance the budget. Whereas the Gov of Illinois was doing the opposite…raising taxes which will kill job growth as companies move to more business friendly jurisdictions. Are you listening IGGY?


CanadianSense said...

Quebec offers lower hydro rates for business that is important cost for energy intensive manufacturing or resource extraction companies.

The increase of regulation, minimum wages, business taxes does affect investment.

It is NOT rocket science why companies move across town, state or country to find a lower cost jurisdiction.

Open for business.

Mississauga "stole" ---> attracted a substantial investment from City of Toronto for offering a business friendly local government.

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