Sunday, January 23, 2011

Former Liberal Finance Minister Defends Corporate Tax Cuts

John Manley on Power and Politics discusses the need for Stephen Harper's Corporate Tax Cuts.  He opposes the Liberal Party's imbecilic proposition to end the legislated tax cuts and calls provincial Capital Taxes the stupidest of them all.  Of course Alberta doesn't have Capital Taxes.

Its nice to see one of the old guard disputing Iggy.  I've never had much love for the Liberal Party but John Manley was always respectable.  He was also Finance Minister for a time and is now involved with the Council of Chief Executives.  Manley is just the man to talk sense into those free market Liberals who still cling to the tired old brand.

Iggy's strategy seems to be to out-socialize the socialists, and out-fiscal-conservative the Conservatives.  Liberals have never had to live up to election promises in the past so they can afford to be nonsensical.  They have always stood for nothing at all except whatever seems like it will land them a vote.  Hopefully this strategy leaves them with no seats at all.  Its exactly how many they deserve. 

Note:  This is my first video.  I hope to bring you many more since I think I prefer video to text.  Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

John throws Evan for a loop. John agrees with Haper. How can this be. but the Libeals are always right, but Manley is a liberal. Brain implosion.....

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