Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monte Solberg Explains Tax Cuts to Socialists

They don't get it.  The Liberal flounders between arguments from the real Socialists and the real Conservatives.

This is a good start.  The Conservatives had better polish up on the fundamentals of economics and tax cuts because it will be tested in debate.  This is an argument we win when in full command of the subject.

Monte Solberg Explains Tax Cuts to Socialists

I'm pleased that Power and Politics made this segment called The Firing Line.  It comes complete with a bulls eye logo and the sound of cheesy gunfire.  Kudos.  The cloud over free speech since the Tuscon shooting has been lifted.  The Firing Line fits right in here at Spin Assassin.  


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mr. Solberg will be able to explain how it is that our government is even remotely considering the possibility of funding arenas and stadiums when we have a 50+ billion dollar deficit.

Alberta Girl said...

Mikhael....please give me a link that shows the Stephen Harper is in any way thinking of funding an arena????

I am sure you can find lots of links showing "sources say" or "it is possible", however SH has been abundantly clear that the Tories will NOT fund arenas.

Get the facts straight and quit listening to the CBC and reading the Toronto Star who love to create division with their creating another psuedo scandals.

ridenrain said...

What a contrast. The shrill, unreasoning mob against clear, rational logic.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wright is making some good changes, I expect getting the message out will be one of them.

As far as arenas go Mlkhael, Mr. Harper has a plan and it has already been executed. Wait for the results, but you must be patient.

Anonymous said...

I like Monte.He a good fit in the Toronto Sun and a reasonable fellow.I always look foward to reading his articles ,whether i agree or disagree.Its better than some odd ball conspiracy theory.


Mark said...


Seems like it's being bandied about.

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