Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bye Ed

So long Ed Stelmach.

My strongest feeling towards our Premier is sympathy.  This didn't start today.  I always felt pity for Ed.  He just doesn't belong there.  I think he's a good man that tried to do the right things.  Those things were exposed as wrong.  When the recession hit Alberta was caught off guard with a job killing royalty regime and a deficit among other problems.

I've seen first hand how stupid taxes kill jobs and small businesses.  Progressive idea's seem so good in boom times, but at the end you get the usual progressive ills like deficits.  I blame Ed but it wasn't just Ed.  It was the whole team; the whole party.  The whole party should pay.

We know they are progressives now.  They have been in power too long.  They are entitled, so they think.  Whatever they might do to improve the economy in a rear-guard action is right an proper, but what is to stop them from slipping back to progressive/socialist schemes once the economy takes off?  Nothing.

I'm sorry Ed and the rest of the PC's.  Picking on you guys feels like kicking a puppy.  I would stamp the life out of a snake, but you guys aren't snakes.  You lost your way and I know where you can find it: in Opposition to a Wild Rose Alliance Government.  Then maybe we'll get some competition for the best policies for Albertans. 

So long Ed.  It wasn't your fault, I know.  This is much bigger than you or your feelings.  We just can't pick our leaders out of sympathy.  May I suggest you go into charity?  You could do a lot of good work for the Cancer Society or some noble cause where you would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your service.


Update:  Turns out Ed has given himself a 1 million dollar parting gift from the tax payer.  I take it back.  Get lost Ed and take your blasted PCs with you!


Anonymous said...

That was a nice posting. I agree. It truly is a pity because Ed Stelmach is a really good man.

Alberta Girl said...

I had sympathy for Ed until he started in on the whole "american right wing style attack ads" and the "hidden agenda" thing.

That is sooooooo liberal and I just felt pity for him at that time.

Alex said...

Thank you. I'm sorry I was so forgiving.

The PCs are going to pay for ALL OF IT!

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