Monday, October 27, 2014

Could Opposition Policy on ISIS Draw Attacks on Canadians?

On March 11th 2004 Al Qaeda killed 191 people and injured 1800 others in Madrid Spain.  10 homemade bombs were detonated in passenger trains almost simultaneously.  The bombs exploded via cell phone trigger while 4 more were discovered unexploded.   

This was perpetrated just 3 days before the Spanish General Election.  Spain was a country divided at the time over joining the second Iraq war.  The terrorist attack was a key event in the election and toppled the ruling party for a socialist party who advocated withdrawing from the Iraq.

It was a master stroke for the Islamists.  Al Qaeda could never have removed the Spaniards from the Iraq war by force of arms.  Instead they managed to remove Spain with 10 bombs targeting civilians on their own soil and turned an election.  Diabolical evil.

10 years later we find ourselves in Canada approaching a situation similar to Spain's.  An election looms in the near future and the Harper Government is compelled to enter a war in Iraq.  Also similarly the parties are divided about the war.  The Harper Government supports direct, though minimal, military intervention against ISIS.  The opposition socialist parties if elected would withdraw that support. 

This is in contrast to other anti-ISIS coalition members.  European countries who are arguably both more socialist and "progressive" than Canada have voted unanimously in their democratic houses to fight ISIS.  Here the NDP and Liberals are focused on election politics and have tried to use the ISIS threat as a wedge issue.  On the question of sending a miniscule force to engage the most brutal and bloodthirsty army since the Nazi terror our House voted 157 - 134 in favor. 

As we know that same House of Parliament was attacked by ISIS last week.  The so-called "lone wolf" was ideologically identical to the terrorist army we are currently at war with.  The murderer would have surely gone to Iraq to fight with ISIS if not for his passport being withheld.  The terrorists Satanic sacrifice on our National War Memorial and the cold premeditated attack on our uniformed soldier earlier in the week are a clear message to Canadians from ISIS. 

There certainly seems to have been an uptick in terrorism towards Canada since the war on ISIS began.  The twin attacks last week were followed by a threat on our Embassy in Turkey for example.  We'll have to stay vigilant for more of the same. 

ISIS has named Canada several times in its threats as well as other countries.  The major difference between Canada and its allies is that our involvement in the war against ISIS pivots on the outcome of next year's election.  Canada is the only country made vulnerable by its opposition parties this way.

ISIS currently does not have the means to knock our CF-18s out of the sky.  The only way to remove our 6 CF-18s from the battle space is politically.  Through terrorism ISIS can turn Carl von Clauswits on his head.   For ISIS politics is a continuation of war by other means.

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