Wednesday, October 22, 2014

In the wake of first Canadian casualty to ISIS, ugly politics ensues.

The only reason we are fighting ISIS today is because of Stephen Harper's "ego" according to Justin Trudeau.  This as Canada suffers its first casualty from an ISIS inspired terrorist.

Patrice Vincent was coldly targeted and killed for nothing more than wearing the uniform of  the Canadian Forces.  Details are starting to emerge that the man had been radicalized into a deadly Muslim extremist and was known to RCMP.  His passport had already been seized before he could fly to join ISIS, so instead he brought the war to Canada. 

Poppies overlook the murder scene

It's absolutely disgusting to see a terrorist tragedy used for political mudslinging.  That hasn't stopped opposition parties of course.  At a time when Canadians should be banding together against a serious threat the opposition is trying to blame the RCMP and Stephen Harper for the attack.  If only Trudeau could have given the terrorist a warm hug it might never have happened.

Instead Trudeau and his sidekick insist that lack of funding for CSIS and the RCMP is what led to the attack.  How ridiculous.  The RCMP clearly stated that they did not have a sufficient law to charge the terrorist with.  Given more money, what would the RCMP have done differently?  Nothing.  Given the correct law against radical Islamism the RCMP would have arrested the fundamentalist. Again.  In fact the terrorist was previously detained, but could not be kept locked up.

On top of that, once radicals are arrested and charged the left as one congeals together to make the would be murderers into heroes like Omar Khadr.  How can you blame the RCMP here?  The left are responsible for turning our streets into a battlefield.  This time they have inadvertently made the case for more anti-terrorist measures. 

The RCMP has had an immaculate and exemplary record of snatching up terrorists so far.  It's pretty obvious that police need a pretty solid case if they want to bring someone to trail.  Nobody could know when or how the killer would snap.  We are lucky there was only one casualty.  If the RCMP hadn't been doing such an excellent job already this terrorist could have killed many more people.

Meanwhile Trudeau uses every opportunity to disparage the armed forces and ridicule our contribution to ISIS annihilation.  There is a constant stream of insults towards the RCAF and our Prime Minister.  Whether its "our aging warplanes" or "whipping out" CF-18s like they are just a phallus and nothing more.  Or whether its the latest insult that the mission is nothing but the Prime Minister's "ego".  Justin Trudeau goes out of his way to beat up on Canadians and defend people who hate Canada.  The Liberal Party of Justin Trudeau is a disgrace to this country.

Opposition and media parties are playing shameful games while the reality is so tragic for the family of Patrice Vincent.  The departed should be given full military honours for giving his life in the service of his country.  Our troops face danger from ISIS simply by wearing the distinguished uniforms of our military.  We all stand behind our brave armed forces and we wish our pilots good hunting and a swift defeat to ISIS.

Patrice Vincent


GreatCanadian Memo said...

Great post, so true, they complain that not enough was done, and yet they want poor little terrorist Omar released in Canada. And on top of that, they use this tragedy to play politics. You know the opposition, especially the Libs, are politicking when they vote against the fight on terror, when all the other coalition countries voted almost unanimously for the mission.

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GreatCanadian Memo said...

So true

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