Friday, October 31, 2014

Tax Breaks for Families

I am so glad Stephen Harper is Prime Minister today.

Promises that were made in 2011 are coming true.  Sure they aren't exactly the same promises that were made but they have been adjusted and improved to reflect what critics have already said.

Of course the critics still don't like it.  Boo hoo.  Too flipping bad for you.  It's not an election promise anymore.  Its the government's tax policy.  It's going to be in my pocket, feeding, clothing, and caring for my little boy as I see fit.  These tax breaks are going to pave the way for little bothers and sisters for my little man.  The number of siblings he would have were always in doubt but I'm more confident we'll reach our goals now.

We want a large family.  Large by today's standards is 3 children total.  That's 1 to replace each of us and 0.5 added to the dwindling population.  Family is the fulfillment of our duty to our country and to mankind but most importantly it is the ultimate true expression of love and life.

The most important thing one can do in life is to raise children.  The daycare costs for 3 kids are prohibitively expensive.  We've been discussing at our kitchen table the idea of one of us becoming a full time Mom.  We would save in daycare costs but we could also take in a few kids from the neighborhood.  The income splitting program is suited to this idea exactly.  Who better to look after my kids than their Mom or Dad?    

The socialist parties don't see it that way.  They want me to wait in line and pay fixed rates that they decide that can change any time they decide.  They want me filling out forms and justifying my need for a space.  They want me to be exactly on time at a schedule they will prescribe.  They will fine me if I'm late.  They will give my child's space to someone who will bow and scrape harder than I would.  They will create shortages.   They will create unions of government nannies.  They will create strikes and tax hikes and fees while they use my own children as hostages.

FNU local #999

To hell with that.

My government has clearly shown that families are the number 1 priority.  They will be giving money directly to the next generation and the future of Canada.  These kids are the ones who will shoulder the burden for everyone's retirement.  Even if you chose to die childless, alone, unloved, and forgotten, you will still benefit from helping other families in the long run.

Why should people who choose a certain classic lifestyle be rewarded and not everyone else?  The answer is that producing new citizens is extremely hard and getting harder everywhere.  This is why the birth rate in the west is falling.  All the extra money for making babies is being appropriated by empty headed politicians for their own projects.

I empathize with people who aren't that enthused about this because it doesn't apply to them.  They want a tax break too!  Who doesn't want to keep more of their own money?  -besides limousine liberals.  Everyone wants a tax cut.  So Mr. Harper, give the people more of what they want.

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