Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Congratulations John Tory and Jim Prentice

John Tory

Finally the scandals and faux scandals in Toronto are done.  

I liked Rob Ford until he lied to people.  His crack use isn't actually a big deal to me except that its generally bad for your health and your career.  The lies I could not excuse.  

I was born in Toronto and grew up in its shadow so municipal politics over there was still interesting.  Rob Ford made it a riot.  That is what I really liked about him.  He was the caricature of everything the left hates all rolled into one package.

Imagine this guy was a big city mayor.
Right.  Rob Ford made the left's head explode in exactly the same way and it was fun to watch them roll in their hypocrisy.

I defended him when the left started picking on him, which they obviously were.  He did enough all by himself to make everyone's efforts a complete waste.

In the end he dropped out for health reasons but got a seat on the council anyway.  Good for him.  He'll make a far better critic than a leader.

Jim Prentice

Oh yeah.  There was an election around here.  I heard the PC's swept it.  Good for them.  I wasn't really paying attention.  PC's are still the government regardless with no end in sight.  They are fat and sassy and can start throwing their weight around like always.

Democracy in this province is sick.  The PC Party and the Alberta government bureaucracy are far too cozy for a healthy relationship.  It won't matter who is in charge.  Corruption doesn't go away because someone says so.  It's like black mold.  It has to be rooted out.  This is the one redeeming aspect of democracy and it is malfunctioning in Alberta.

The PCs have tightened it up after Redford but it can't stay that way forever.   I like Jim Prentice and I wish him all best.  We are all in it together and it helps no one when the government fails.  From what I've seen so far Prentice has made some good decisions.  The plate slogan reversal sticks out in my mind.  That was completely offside and completely in character for the PCs.

We are still Wild Rose Country and I am still decidedly for Danielle Smith and the Wild Rose Party.  We didn't pick up any seats this time.  Oh well.  The PC Party may rule for another 1000 years but I don't think that's a good thing for Alberta or even the PCs themselves.  So the electorate in those ridings doesn't think its our time there yet.  So be it.  We'll prove we can best represent them and all of Alberta next time.  Next time is when it matters.

Keep hacking away Danielle.  There is only one way to eat an elephant and that is one bite after another.


tao_taier said...

"The lies I could not excuse."

He was honest with other peoples money and set the course for them to have more of it.

Was he a diplomat? no.
Was he a foreign dignitary? no.
An Envoy? no.
An Ambassador? no.
A reflection of a neglected segment of the population there? yes.
Was he what the city needed to keep council financially in check? YES.

John "Red" Tory is a fraud.
He was the de facto liberal candidate! but pulled in wishy washy "social" conservatives who cared more about appearances and "moral standing" than substance and results.


So many "socons" at parties and events would bow their heads in shame or disgust over the name Rob Ford being mentioned... people who should of known better.
It's one thing if a chunk of his voter base left cuz they were family oriented immigrants. Or whatever language or cultural barriers may of come into play with that and was bombarded by the media cabal... but people who lived through David Millor's nonsense and that of the Provincial and Federal "Liberals", should of had a grasp of the stakes.

This happens in the U.S. all the time and is why the RINO's cause more hurt to themselves than the democrats. They'll find some "upstanding" candidate and either lose cuz he's a doormat or win cuz he corporatist snake, who loves big government cronyism and all it entails.
On the other hand, if Ford(s) was CUPE loving Unifor card carrying socialist, he would of be a hero of the left.

I hated the off the cuff remarks the Fords would say, but that has nothing to do with economics.
Fools like Tory would say that it is a big turn off in the corporate world and drawing away their interests in investing.
BS, businesses (whatever the size), don't base where they invest off what mayor's say or do in their personal lives. It's cost, and profitability that is top of mind.
The businesses that Tory must of been referring to are the ones who couldn't bribe their ways past the Fords. Though I'm sure they are happy now to have a new mayor they can "confide" in with such matters.


PC supporters in Alberta shouldn't fear a minority with Wild Rose as official opposition. Look at the good the Reform party did for Canada. Had they not of been there, the Federal Libs of the day would of been a lot worse. But Reform was there to provide useful information and solutions that those ivory tower fools would not of been privy to on their own.

That is my outsiders opinion.

Alex F said...

Rob Ford lied right to my face.. well... to the camera anyway. There is no defense for that. I understand his reasons and its still immoral. The drug thing isn't a big deal in itself but surely it shows poor judgement for a man in his position. Taken with his lying the possibility of corruption is just too high. I would be foolish to hitch my wagon to somebody, sorry to say, somebody so stupid. I was foolish in fact. I know you like his policies and so did I. Can't we find anybody with the same policies that isn't a big fat disaster? Politics is more than just policy. There is a fair amount of leadership involved. You have to have good policy AND be the man who can get it done.

As for Wild Rose Danielle is pulling the plug on herself. Smart move. I respect intelligence and competence. A woman of her talents shouldn't have to be bothered with bozo eruptions at this point. If they want to ditch her then they should go ahead and do it. They will ditch me in the process. We'll start our own party or take over the Alberta Party who knows what. It might even be a good thing.

tao_taier said...

I respectfully disagree.
You should of been worried concerned with implications than results.
The election was not about hiring a 'visionary' to lead the way.
But someone who could not only cut spending but keep strikes from occurring and vetoing left wing agendas of the entrenched socialists of city council.
Tory looks the part, but has never delivered anything but political ruin and losses for others.
He is a "progressive" and that doesn't stand for "economic progress".

Was my point. I don't care if someone lies to me about their self abuse, as long as they don't make it my problem too.
Where as I do care if they act like they are a 'good moral stewed' but are destroying the cities finances or breaking deals that make us beholden to others.

Someone isn't going to get mugged in Toronto because the mayor had a (off duty) drinking & crack problem. Instead economically illiterate thugs/hoodlums will mug someone because the left preaches that a persons hard earned money is not their own to begin with.
That we don't have a right to defend ourselves because that is the governments "job".

Just saying.

As for Alberta, a minority of right wing parties would be best for discourse. I don't follow the politics over there, since Ontario is on a financial death wish with socialism for the next 4 years.

Alex F said...

Well it's your city. Keep it beautiful. I know Tory is a prog, but better a blue prog than a red one. As for Ford's lies the "I do not smoke crack" is only the biggest one. He was constantly loose with the truth saying things like "I've saved millions of dollars." Well yes he saved over 6 hundred thousand dollars! No small feat. Of course he blows it by not telling the truth. I could go on but its all moot now. Tory can blow it with prog lies just as easily so we'll see.

I tried to help with Hudak but my own family and friends were buying the union lines. Everyone with a government job and everyone who knew one of them thought Hudak was going to drop a safe on them. My arguments were useless against that. So now they have to learn the hard way. Sorry.

All is well in Alberta, at least until after 2015 ;)

tao_taier said...

"Well yes he saved over 6 hundred thousand dollars!"
He could of been referring to costs that would of been passed if he wasn't in the position to block it. What do the most recent budges show.

I'm in Windsor now but was living in Toronto during David Miller and he created a mess of one off spending with the council that was in and still is. They don't work the spending into on going budget programs, but side stuff that doesn't need to be spent at all.

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