Sunday, May 1, 2011

What I like about Liberals

What I like about Liberals is that they are Canadians first and Liberals second.  This is a key similarity between Liberal and Conservative and of vital importance in this election.  In the grand scheme of things Conservatives aren't much different from John Manley Liberals.  We believe in Free Markets and Strong Economies.  We believe that government has a regulatory role that is best kept to a minimum.  Government is not a player but a referee.  The less we see of the referees, the better the game.  So it is with Capitalism. 

When John Manley was Finance Minister many years ago the Liberal Party was in its glory days.  Here is John Manley espousing Conservative ideals earlier this year.

I believe the country is facing a great turning point in this 41st election.  Canada has had a long line of crisis from American invasions as in the War of 1812 to World Wars to the FLQ crisis and the Quebec Referendum.  Each time we have come perilously close annihilation or disintegration and each time we prevail. 

This election is about preventing the conditions that lead to such upheavals.  An NDP coalition government will generate an economic collapse.  Their very promises including 70 billion in new spending and balancing the budget by 2014 should raise alarm bells in any thinking person.  There will have to be massive tax increases and expropriations in order to balance that equation.

Crushing taxes and a stalled economy will personally cost each of us many thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars before its over.  While an electoral hammer in time can be brought down on them, the NDP and their Bloc partners will loot the treasury while we are distracted by the drama of reopening the constitution.

I can imagine the dismay of Liberal supporters at the prospect of an NDP coalition government.  The Liberal Leadership is a travesty and has been so for many years now. They have slowly whittled away trust and support by jumping in front of every craze to come along, even when its at odds with their own basic beliefs. First it was the Green Shift and their anti-Alberta campaign and then they go even further left to try scoop up the socialist kooks at the outliers of society.

Its a poor and transparent strategy that has been rejected by the target voters in favor of true socialists, the NDP.  Centrist John Manley Liberals must be left feeling dirty and betrayed.  Not only does their party no longer support their ideals, but their best hope lies in simply fooling socialists into helping them win the government.  What folly.

All is not lost however.  You only need to look to the Conservative movement today for hope.  Correctly chastised by voters the PC Party was obliterated.  The rump of the PC's hung on for far too long before finally joining the Canadian Alliance.  Now the Conservative Party is Canada's best hope for the sparkling future we all want and deserve.

I want to ask you centrist Canadians to temporarily lend the Conservative Party your vote.  These past 5 years have been pretty good all things considered.  The next 4 will be even better.  You don't have to love the Conservative Party as many do, you just need to hold your nose and vote.  Your country needs you.  Your family and your neighbors need you.  We Conservatives need you.  All Canadians need you to vote Conservative.

This is not a hockey game.

The result of this election will impact your personal finances in the short and long term.  Its too important a decision to just be a partisan rah rah go team thing.  You can still be a Liberal in fact.  Nobody knows how you vote unless you tell them.  Why be ashamed of your freedom anyhow?  Send them a message.  No more goofy antics with the fate of the country.  No more haughty imported finger wagging elites unconnected to your real concerns let alone the country's.

Vote Conservative on May 2nd and tell them about it.  Nothing inspires change faster than temporarily losing a loyal supporter.  That is how democracy really works.  That is a lesson Micheal Ignatieff and the people who appointed him need to learn.  You'll get 4 years to rebuild the brand and a stable and prosperous country in the meantime.

Vote for Canada and the Conservative Party.


fernstalbert said...

Great post - you are right, you do not need to "love and blindly follow", but you need to vote as a responsible Canadian and not let this stalemate continue to stymie Canada. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of your post, but unfortunately, the current leader of the Conservatives hates Liberals, has openly said in the past Canada would be better off without any of us, and since becoming PM has often showed us this attitude. Hard to support someone who so openly hates you. He even throws people out of his rallies who so much as pose for a picture with a Liberal.

Alex said...

@ fernstalbert: Cheers!

@ Anon 12:29: Hate is "Conservatives Can go to hell" - Micheal Ignatieff. Stephen Harper has been a good Prime Minister to all Canadians and will continue to be. The media have admitted that they "hate" our Prime Minister and unfortunately spun that story very sourly. I know you are better than that. I know you can see through it. Do the right thing tomorrow and vote Conservative. We are all Canadians. On election day, even more so.

Anonymous said...
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Alex said...
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