Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Congratulations Canada

Congratulations to all Canadians and especially Conservatives.  We worked hard for many years to undo the lies and build the trust of the people.  We did so with a largely hostile media.

Now its back to work and business.  There is a lot to do.  We have reached empyrean heights of majority unfathomable just a few short years ago.  That was the easy part. 

Many minds remain poisoned today.  Only time and wise judgement and action on the part of the Government will turn that around.

The people still rule.  A Conservative Majority in the face of the established interests against us is hard proof of that.  Never forget that there is no Natural Governing Party.  Conservatives have been sent there to serve, not to command or demand.

Here are my hopes for this government:
  • Slay the deficit.  This was the most devastating point against Conservatives because its true and we know it.  Facing reality is the best ability we have.  
  • Scrap the Gun Registry.  I don't own a gun or want to.  This is about freedom.  Criminals do not register guns.  The idea that police should single out gun owners with a national database as possible criminals is abhorrent and discriminatory.  It has cost enough money already.  
  • Scrap the per-vote party subsidy. Parties should not collect welfare.  If voters can't first vote with their wallets, why should Canadians have to fund them?  Anyone who doesn't like it can simply skip their coffee one day of the week and give their party a twoney.  It adds up to a lot of wasted money from the public purse. 
  • Senate Reform.  i want a Triple E Seante but we might have to wait for the next election.  There can still be term limits and other changes however.  
  • Electoral Reform.  I do beleive there is still the issue of proportional representation.  Populations have changed and that needs to be reflected in the ridings and their fair distribution.   
  • Follow through on low tax plans.
  • Keep income splitting, and TFSA promises.
  • Rebuild the Military
  • Secure the North
  • Cut red tape

The challenges for Conservatives are not over.  Not by a long shot.  The enemy is licking its wounds and plotting revenge.  You know their game plan already.  It worked so well on Mulroney they used it on Bush.

So enjoy the victory.   Get some sun, some exercise and prepare.


cantuc said...

One thing we must do is be very vigilant about anything or any MP's that do not appear squeeky clean. I have to admit as a conservative supporter that there appeared to be some things around the G-20 meeting that made me uneasy. I'm not going to get to far into it and Iwon't say anything illegal happened but there was a lot of money buying some damned expensive props

L said...

And seriously downsize the federal government! Government services should be delivered close to the people they serve, as our constitution says. Provinces should be responsible for health care and education and new ideas like day care. Cities should be responsible for parks and subways. If Quebec wants high taxes and socialism, have a good time on your own. We do not, so ... We should not be transferring federal payments, except to help small provinces deliver BASIC social services, not new add-ons.

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