Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reform the Senate

I want Senate reform.  I want a triple E Senate: Elected, Equal, and Effective.

I'm not however, very bent out of shape about the recent appointments.  All in due course, I'm sure.  Imagine 4 years went by with a majority in the House and the Senate, and no reforms were made.  That would be a serious problem wouldn't it?

I'm also one of the people who thinks Harper is a Grand Master of tactical politics.  Is there any proof that he isn't?  Well you have Andrew Coyne's opinion.  Many an evening I've heard Coyne on CBC telling us the opposite.  That Harper was a bumbler and his success was just an illusion of luck and a swelling conservative tide.

Coyne also thinks a Carbon Tax is swell, along with putting tolls on public roads to reduce traffic (and impoverished drivers).  Don't forget Coyne voted Liberal in the last election and publicly endorsed them.

I think that settles it.  I could make a better case for Stephen Harper's very excellent maneuvers since taking over the Canadian Alliance but that is better in another post.    Lets take Coyne's negative assertions as proof positive that Stephen Harper is a genius for politics.  Senate Reform is 100% politics. 

I doubt the government has suddenly lost its political senses.  Its just not in character.  I believe that the 3 Senate appointments accomplishes 3 important things.
  1. It pleases the Premiers who don't want Senate Reform.
  2. It strengthens the Senate Majority.
  3. It enrages everyone else.
Good!  Lets make a big clamor for Senate Reform.  Its the right thing to do after all and the government gets to bend to public pressure.  I like when the government bends to public pressure.  We are the boss.  Harper wants to do this anyway and the more noise we make the easier it will be for him to say to Quebec and anyone else "sorry but the people demand it."   

We do demand it too.  Charest and some skidded Senators will raise a stink but I don't really care.  They can file a grievance with the shop steward.


fernstalbert said...

Good post. PM Harper has the clarity and vision to kickstart this process. And dragging the naysayers, kicking and screaming into the 21st century, is very good place to start. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I agree! it must be difficult for Justin of Trudeau and Bankrupt Bob to pretend they are still relevant, that it matters which "interim' bobble head fronts the shrunken, bankrupt grits.
I have waited for this for a long time.
Quebec electing Velvet Jacks kiddie pack was the "sprinkles" on a large ice cream cone.
Go PM Harper! We are the envy of the world and not too likely to go green anytime soon, its all good

Rob said...

PM Stephen Harper has proved himself to be brilliant.
The opposition has consistently underestimated him,and look where they are now.
The PM.said in his speech on election night"voters don't like surprises" and he meant it.
Slow and steady,one small step at a time.
Stephen Harper has the patience of a rock and will do things in his own time and pace.

bertie said...

Rob, Now if only PM Harper's supporters have some of this patience and give him a chance to govern without micro watching his every move

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