Thursday, May 5, 2011

Scorn of Contempt

I'm still seeing weepy leftlings self-righteously posting here and there about Contempt of Parliament.  You can almost see them quaking with indignation at the wholesale rebuke of this faux scandal by the electorate.
An illegal sign I saw in Calgary East had zero impact

Let me once and for all dismiss this nonsense from the public sphere.

Parliament for all its official seals and traditions is not now nor ever was a criminal court.  The Speaker of the House is not a Judge.  The leaders of the former opposition are not Prosecutors or a Jury.  The fact that the dismissed opposition tried to act as all three, Judge, Prosecutor, and Jury, shows their complete misunderstanding of the concept of justice.

It also showed their collective scorn for the intelligence of the average voter.  Did they think that nobody actually understands how parliament works?  People know very well that the opposition can get together and vote against the confidence of  a minority government.  Its only happened 3 times in 5 years now, not to mention that every big story from parliament hill in that time was about the possible fall of the government.

People know better you pompous idiots!  This is why they hate elites.  Its not because we told them to in an "attack ad."  The truth ads work because it reflects what most people are actually thinking.  They, the people, are the ones with contempt for parliament; at least one that spent all of its time creating scandals and plotting to overturn elections.  You morons are your own worst enemy.  I suppose I should thank you.

I believe that part of the reason for the Tory majority is to stop this nonsense.  It is within this governments power to find the opposition in contempt or even declare them all official jackasses.  It would mean as little as the previous contempt ruling and only add to the general distaste of politics by the public.  That doesn't even take into account the waste of taxpayer time and resources that this sort of garbage generates.

Those Members of Parliament are very well compensated on the backs of the people.  We want our money's worth.  We don't want self important fops playing lawyer's games on our dime.

No more.  The Tory government will be about governing and will contrast the trivial faux-scandals of the past.  The challenge now is to become the best government in the great history of this country.  Petty politics can be left to the lesser parties.  We Canadians deserve the kind of government that will put Harper's name on mountains and get his face on circulating currency.  It's his job now, to earn those honours.


burpnrun said...

Ignore the losers, as you suggest. That's the past. Instead, focus on Jack's (current and leverageable) uncomfortable scandal:

The NDP's Vegas Vote Scam

Pissedoff said...

Never mind contempt the Vegas vote scam could turn out to be a big criminal investigation with more Quebec NDP non MPs involved.

Alex said...

I hear you guys. I just need to clear the air of that crap about contempt. We never took it head on during the election because it would have made us look arrogant and well contemptuous. There was way more important stuff to talk about anyway. Now that the people have dismissed their BS, there are still some leftard stragglers that need to be told.

skuleman said...

The left have always assumed they were smarter than everyone else, and therefore work on the assumption that the majority of voters are dumb as stumps. It seems, that at least in Quebec, they may have been on to something.

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