Thursday, September 9, 2010

On Burning Korans

Its probably not a good idea, but not big deal.  I'm not religious, so you could add other sacred books to that holy bonfire and it wouldn't bother me one bit.  You could add Darwin's outdated and revolutionary book to that fire and it still wouldn't bother me.

If fact I'm a little annoyed nobody wants to burn The Origin of Species anymore.  Maybe its because there are libraries and museums filled with observations, experiments and direct evidence of evolution.  Even Pope John Paul II conceded that evolution did occur.  You couldn't burn it if you tried.  Its written in the DNA of your very eyes.

I tried to read the Koran once.  On the very first page it said that I would burn in hell if I didn't accept the Koran as the literal word of God.  I'm not going out of my way to save this book from fire. While you all go out of your way to bend to the sacredness of this book, just remember it likely declares that you should burn too.

Sure. I would be upset if someone went around burning Canadian flags.  The difference is that Canada doesn't think anyone should burn for not being a Canadian.  Its quite the opposite in fact.    Our Prime Minister even defends this book from burning even though it condemns him as well and is incompatible with Canadian laws or morals.
Muslims are always upset at something anyway.   Its going to be painful, but they must be de-sensitized bit by bit.  How is burning a Koran different from drawing Mohamed?  They have to understand Allah and Mohammad are not important to many people.  Everyone deserves some basic respect, but they don't deserve to have their revered ideas equally revered by all because they revere them so much.
I'd rather we started burning some laws and acts and other useless and wasteful ordinances.

In fact their childish behavior at any perceived insult, even if its perpetrated by someone equally idiotic, is more reason to heap the offence higher.  It because of the death threats, honour killings, fatwas, jihads, effigy burnings, beheadings and all the rest that my heart has hardened towards Islam.  I don't care if they are offended.  Not one bit.

If it came down to living under Christianity or Islam, I'm with the Christians.  I'd sooner take the Cross myself than live one second under Islamic Sharia.  Look around.  Christians are good.  I'm not sure why God hides from me when He is so obvious to so many.  At least Christians of today will let me be.  At least they believe in freedom.


trencherbone said...

...and here are some more ways to desecrate a Qu'ran.

Anonymous said...

I was against burning the Koran, but since the ridiculous reaction against it from Muslims and the left, go ahead and burn it. And after watching the documentary 102 Minutes that Changed the World which showed amateur video of the minutes between the first tower being hit and the second one going down, I say insult them all you want.

The_Iceman said...

I agree with you.

I don't think that God and evolution are mutually exclusive. You can empirically prove that organisms adapt to their ecosystems by natural selection, but you can't reliably say how the first organism came to be. I am more agnostic than atheist. Until scientists can mix a bunch of inorganic chemicals into a petrie dish and zap it with high voltage electricity creating life that can evolve into species, I think that ardent atheists have gone too far. Evolution does not explain how life was created, merely how species evolve to take advantage of their environments.

Alex said...

@trencherborne: hehe

@ Anon: you got that right.

@ Iceman: Well Iceman I don't know. I have to keep my mind open. I guess I'm an Agnostic who has made a decision. I'm an Atheist. I could be wrong but it appears as if God has gone to extreme lengths to trick me. If I'm wrong at least I was fooled by the best. I don't think I'm wrong though. I can't sit on the fence either. There's things in this universe I can't quite explain, it doesn't mean the explanation is God.

As for Evolution. I can't prove it wasn't guided by God but it doesn't seem to have been necessary unless you agree that he set up the laws of nature specifically to make humans. That is a theory waiting to be disproven.

How did life arise? It wasn't a naked gene on the beach. There is a book I'll dare you to read. "The Spark of Life". The short version is that the early earth had a reducing atmosphere of violent storms volcanism. The famous Urey experiment (I think that's what its called, I'm rusty) demonstrated that under those conditions sticky organic molecules were formed. They were made of proteins that were precursors to DNA itself.

The Cambrian era was 3 billion years long. 3 billion man! 3 billion years of a dark and dirty poisonous earth. That's three times the age of all the life that has ever existed. During this time of nothing, of poison air and water, of lightning strikes and colossal volcanism, molecules that could survive such an environment built up. Molecules that could not survive were also produced but then disintegrated naturally. A natural world spanning oil slick (or something like it) would stick to rocks on the shores. It would be a stable environment for further reactions. The crucible of creation. Metabolism came first. Imagine these slicks farting away producing gases and more complex chemicals. Bubbles made of stuff like soap, trapping gasses and creating stable layers of complex organic chemicals that lead to RNA and simple fragile organisms that didn't quite reproduce but lived none the less. It all led bit by bit to bacteria and to us.

Is God required? Doesn't look that way. It doesn't mean there isn't a God. Is he our friend or just a metaphysical alien of extreme power? I can't answer any of that but it does simplify things when God is absent from the process.

Alex said...

I'm sorry I meant the pre-cambrian. Like I said I'm rusty.

Alex said...

looks lie I'm all mixed up actually. It was 3 bllion years of nothing but bacteria. This is good for me. It starts to fade if you don't use it. I think I may read Hawkng new book as an enjoyable refresher.

Alex said...

The Hadean (from Hades, the hell time I presume) was the time of no life. 1.8 billion years give or take. Chump change in the age of the Universe.

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