Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labour Day

The second best thing about Labour Day is celebrating the fact that Labour Unions are obsolete and irrelevant.  Minimum health and safety standards, working conditions and pay are protected by the government.  I'm glad I enjoy these basic privileges and privileges that far exceed the basics.  Its thanks to a free and open marketplace for work itself and my unique talents, qualifications and experience that allow me to enjoy the standard of living that I earn.

Effort, skill and determination fuels my optimism for the future.  I don't simply let the hours tick by to get ahead, I must produce more value for the company than I take for myself.  This is the only way for any organization to succeed.  Together we don't just succeed.  We Thrive!

The best thing about Labour Day is the Labour Day Classic.  Go Stamps Go!


Anonymous said...

I'm a Lions (and Felions) fan but am in total agreement with you on the Labour Day classic. The Lions finally got untracked against the Als this weekend, so we're happy to tip a brown and watch the classy Stamps.

Anonymous said...

I agree that unions must change a lot if they are to exist in 50 years time, will they? But today we all should remember that each of us labours not only for ourselves but also for others and to ask ourselves if that is good or bad? Is it valued or valuable? If the answer is yes then hold your head up if not then you need a new contract. (real conservative)

Alex said...

@Randene: Good for you. I love CFL. I know NFL is better but it just doesn't mean anything to me. Who do I support? My favorite vacation spot? The prettiest jerseys? The team with the best record? Its all academic. No pride involved.

@ RC: I think they should have stopped existing 20 years ago. We'll never get rid of them. They are a private bureaucracy that serves no purpose but their own.

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