Thursday, September 23, 2010

Coalition Parties Force Their Irrational Will on the Public

Who is supreme?  Iggy asked us that once.  Today the Coalition Party was supreme.  They lorded their power over the people and their government in a disgusting move to keep the Gun Registry. 

I saw it happen live.  I was at the gym.  I caught the last ten minutes of Power Play on CTV.  Fife was spreading rumors again that Conservatives are happy to lose the vote.  Why are they happy?  Oh its because of all the money they will get from people getting slapped across the face by the opposition.  Its all about the money right Fife?  Dooshbag leftard reporters couldn't get a story right if they lived it.  Then you had sad old Travers who himself was rebuked by His Supreme Eliteness, was just hoping that all this Gun Registry stuff would just go away.  Your team has ensured that it won't go away Travers.

I already knew that it wasn't going to pass but I still had the hope that somehow there would be enough votes to bring down the Gun Registry.  There was no miracle.  The registry survived.

Suddenly I stopped my cardio routine and went to weights.  Anger can be a fine motivator when correctly channeled to a constructive purpose. 

Having dispensed with raw frustration, I'm left with more than a cold anger.  The creeping disquiet I've been feeling is suddenly in focus.  I am resolved to defeat the Coalition.  Canadians do not yet have a government.  The Conservative Party holds the writ but it is not able to serve the people so long as the Coalition holds the balance of power in the house.  We need an election.  I want an election.

The CPC does not want an election.  We know this because today's vote could have been a confidence motion.  Instead it was a private members bill.  I wouldn't want this to be the question we go to the polls for either.  No, the Gun Registry will be another item on the long list of things we need to change when we get a majority. 

I am not the CPC however.  I am just a person.  I am a citizen doing my civic duty to make this country best place it can be.  I side with the CPC because they side with me, the individual.  Individual freedom is the heart of conservatism.  Its the reason why governments should be fiscally conservative.

From my lowly and humble vantage point as the smallest unit in this great achievement we call Canada, I declare the election has unofficially begun.  From this point I shall begin my war on the self-appointed Elites and their damned snobbish duplicity.  Join in the fun.  Start your election campaign today.  If you work at it I'm sure it will happen.  Its bound to happen.

Kick the Coalition to the Curb.  Vote Conservative and set Canada Free!

3 comments: to the radio said...

It was a close vote. 151-153.
The numbers suggest that the coalition has cracks in it.
So the issue dies until after the next election.
It will motivate the Tory vote.
And now they have some fresh new rural NDP targets.
It's byelection time soon.
We'll see how this affects the polls as well.

The optics of this are fine.
The government wasn't defeated on a vote.
A private members bill was voted down.
The coalition can't claim they beat the government.
Just a bill.

Wait a while.
Actually, wait until budget time.
Then we'll see how the table has been set.

I think an election is better than even odds of happening now.

Anonymous said...

Not good optics in Quebec though. So I hope we will make up with new ridings elsewhere. Gun control is holy writ with the media and academia here. The women are very feminist and independent in Quebec so warmongers and gun lobbyists are not the flavour of the week.

Alex said...

Anon: I believe the ecole polytecnique killer had a registered gun. Didn't stop him and it won't stop anyone else. Doesn't quebec have a big biker problem? Don't they want law abiding people to be respected by Government? I'm preaching to the practising out here. Get out and tell them the facts. If they still want that crap they can do it in their own province. I hear owning a motorcycle is like applying for a nuclear weapon test. Quebec is nuts. Nice place though.

Dance: Yup the budget, I agree.

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