Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MSM Lies Openly about Gun Registry Politics

I have heard on several occasions in the last few weeks from the MSM that Conservatives will be happy that the Long Gun Registry failed to be scrapped.

Who do they cite?  Which MP specifically said that losing this vote will make him happy?  Is there a staffer at least that thinks this?  Is there any kind of recording or evidence anywhere of any kind that proves this?

No.  None.  This simply isn't true.

The MSM circulates lies in black and white on a daily basis.  Don Martin repeats this lie twice in his column titled: Tories thrilled by NDP’s rumoured saving of the gun registry in the National Post.  I've heard it elsewhere.  I've heard it from other journalists too and I think it was originally uttered as a joking strategic outcome metaphor from a pollster.

Don Martin says that Conservatives "are secretly pinching themselves with delight" due to the failing bill.  He also says that "Deep in the bowels of Conservative party backrooms, gleeful laughter can be heard from a government celebrating a defeat."

Since when Don Martin?  I could believe you'd skulk around deep backroom bowels, but narrating some fiction that Conservatives are happy about losing is just too far.  The rest of the piece is so thick with metaphorical storytelling that it takes several minutes to deconstruct his actual meaning and how it relates to his reality.  

Elections are war.  Newspapers, pollsters and even some pathetic parties are election profiteers.  They are the ones who are laughing while taxpayer's money swirls the drain.  They are the ones giggling and cheering, not the government and certainly not the voter.   How many sports arenas would the cost of an election buy?  That's all OK with them.  Just another day at the office and nobody is laughing but the election profiteers.


Calgary Junkie said...

This is a classic example of the lazy group-think of the msm. They just keep drinking each others bathwater, patting themselves on the back for their "insightful" political "analysis".

Tom Flanagan was on Power & Politics on Tuesday. He is easily the pundit who is most familiar with CPC fundraising, as he helped design the system ! According to him, about ONE PERCENT of CPC donations are from those motivated by the gun registry !

Anybody with half a brain would realize that this gun registry vote is important for us to WIN. It sends a powerful message to CPC voters, that we can get our platform promises enacted.

Plus, look at how much money Candice and the Party are spending on tv ads, billboards, and the like. Who but a total idiot thinks that we want to KEEP spending that kind of money, again and again, to get the gun registry scrapped ?

Harper absolutely wants to get this thing OFF of his plate. Sure, he will try to take maximum electoral advantage of a loss. But a win is by far his first choice. Plus, if we scrap the registry, we can fear-monger (if we so choose), in the next campaign, that the coalition will bring back the registry ! Let Iggy deny that possibility, as it will make him look foolish.

Anonymous said...

People actually read Don Martin?

robins111 said...

I suspect that the rural dippers & Libs will hear about it at home and in the next election.

Funny thing is, there's a lot of PO'd GM workers in Oshawa over taliban jacks move.

Anonymous said...

There maybe some happy conservatives if the gun registry continues to exist but most will not be happy. The left are playing games again to win because they cannot allow the truth to come out about why we have the registry in the first place: the eventual disarming of the populace of the country period. Of course criminals will have guns, as well as police and soldiers, depending on who you talk to these three groups may be the same gang? The problem is this: if a hardcore socialist government or even fascist for that matter, comes to power then we are all screwed. (real conservative)

potato said...

The Progressives are all about emotional manipulation. They've had years to come up with hard evidence to substantiate the usefulness of the registry and haven't been able to do so, so now Mark Holland is going on across the country to emotionally manipulate as many as possible into supporting the registry. In the meantime, since the MSM is full of Progressives not a single one will badger him with the simple question, "Where's the evidence." I think what we're seeing from the Liberals and the NDP is a "What were we thinking?" moment. If they allowed the registry to be scrapped they would lose a plank they could use to emotionally manipulate the weak minded into supporting them. They would no longer have any credibility when it comes to profiling gun owners as inherent dangers to Progressive society.

Anonymous said...

The gun registry is a great scab to pick for the Tories. They get rural Canada riled up about the gun registry and then ask for money. It's th eperfect scam....and gun owners don't realize how they are being had. it's perfect.

cantuc said...

Don Martin has a fan .

dmorris said...

When has Don Martin ever penned a column about the Conservatives that wasn't full of half truths and misrepresentations?

The gun registry issue is much like the global warming debate, lots of rhetoric and HOT air,but no proof it really IS an issue to be contended with.

If the GR closed tomorrow,the only downside is the 250 or so employees in New Brunswick turfed from nice easy government jobs.


Don said...

If the Gun Registry is so desirable for Toronto's anti-gunners, perhaps they should enact a provincial registry and leave the rest of the country alone.

On another note, I read somewhere the difference between a conservative and a liberal is that if the conservative doesn't like something, he doesn't participate in it; if the liberal doesn't like something, he wants it banned.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about this anonymous source thing. I have a friend who has a friend who says his buddy (who he wants to remain anonymous) says Don Martin is into bestiality and throws rocks at low flying aircraft. So I don't know if I should believe this or not.

Rob C

Alex said...

I'm no fan of Don Martin but I am a fan of the National Post. Thier news comes directly to my facebook account. When I read Don Martins title I just had enough and had obliterate this crap.

Does he think firefighters like fires? Do paramedics like accidents and injuries? Come on. This demonizing logic is over the top. I'll make a joke like anyone but people can't start beleiving it and repeating it like it was true.

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