Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Where is Stephane Dion?

Mr. Green Shift is muzzled even during Hoaxenhagen? Stephane Dion signed Kyoto and then named his dog after the treaty. The dog is fine but the treaty is as dead as a coffin nail. Mr. Dion is somewhere in between.

I googled Stephane Dion and the top news is about a facebook tiff he and Iggy had recently. Oh boo hoo to those two. The next article was about his wife's letter extolling the virtues of the Coalition and the Green Shift.

What a laugh! No matter what you believe about AGW the whole world is humming and hawing over Copenhagen. I suppose Dion's usurper Micheal Ignatieff has him tightly leashed. Iggy astonishingly polls below Dion on a consistent basis. Where does Iggy get the authority to keep Dion quiet? Dennis Coderre wasn't under the same spell.

With some in the media already moving to anoint a new Bob Rae as the new Liberal leader, I don't know why Iggy doesn't let Dion loose for a little while. (I say new Bob Rae because that is a different person from the old Bob Rae who was Premier of Ontario.) Seriously, Dion can only hurt himself, and Iggy would look good in comparison. It would even give old Bob Rae pause on the next palace coup since it would be obvious that having a new leader does not a prime minister make.

Free Dion! I miss the bumbling professor.


Anonymous said...

Stephane Dion is in hell for trying to pull the coalition heist.
Does anyone believe that he would cede power once he attained it?

The_Iceman said...

Spin Assassin, I love the Blog! You didn't have much to say there for a while. Are you back in the game? In a perfect world, you would contribute to the Blogging Tories more often. Keep it up. I'm a fan.

Anonymous said...

Stephane Dion was on TV last week on Mon. Nov. 30th, appearing on TVO's The Agenda with Steve Paiken, participating in a panel discussing the upcoming Copenhagen conference. I didn't watch the full program, because unfortunately they did not have a skeptical panelist.

A dissapointment for The Agenda, which normally produces very balanced panels.

Anonymous said...

Stephane is like a crazy old uncle of the Liberal Party. Sit him in a corner on the porch and ask him to not talk to the passers by. If he says something whacky just explain that he's off his meds.

Spin Assassin said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by.
I always have something to say Iceman, but I'll keep quiet if someone else says it first. Don't think I'm absent because I'm quiet. Thanks for the encouragement.

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