Friday, December 18, 2009

Slavery? Suzuki is as bad at sociology as he is at climatology or economics

I don't have much time to write because I'm literally a wage slave. Dr. Fruitfly's latest insult to my existence is too much to leave to others. I wasn't always a wage slave and I won't be one for long. I am a wage slave now directly because of the slump in drilling in Alberta. Not many people choose their province, but I did. Its beautiful, its prosperous, its conservative, and its Canadian. Paradise.

Here is what the misanthropic mad doctor had to say about me and my industry:
"We can't give up slavery because it'll destroy our economy and slavery gives us jobs and we have to have slave runners and all of that."

What are you talking about? Do you actually believe this are are you just spouting cultural pollution again? Slaves are terrible for an economy you idiot! They don't get paid! They don't contribute to the economy except in base production. They don't even pay taxes! Who are slave runners anyway? Do you actually believe they were a large part of even a backwards slave based economy? You make no sense on so many levels.

Shutting down the tar sands, or slapping us with a carbon tax will reduce intelligent educated Canadians like me to slavery. Not just in Alberta. Everywhere. We cannot support these wonderful social programs without some sort of wealth creation. All industry starts in the ground somewhere somehow. There is treasure in the ground here and all they can think about is taking control of it.

I'll continue this later. I've caught Suzuki lying on television before and spewing nonsense. He's not going to get away with it anymore. He is not a great Canadian. He's an angry old fool with an empire to build and he thinks we are all stupid.


Anonymous said...

Suzuki always lies and always for big globalist business.
Ask Suzuki why he lobbied for the DDT ban.
Ask him how many died needlessly because of that Ban.

Bruce said...

The guy is a certifiable ding dong

The_Iceman said...

70% chance I move to Alberta after the Olympics. I refuse to pay a carbon AND HST simultaneously. Suzuki is off his rocker.

Spin Assassin said...

I'm back. Thanks for visiting everyone. So glad I'm not alone. Next time you are in Calgary give me a shout Iceman. I'm always up for a beer or some coffee. That goes for everybody. Nothing makes me happier than playing tour guide to visitors to our great city and province.

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