Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas World!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday.  I thought I'd share my favorite Christmas gift this year with you.  Its "The Deniers: The World Renowned Scientists Who Stood Up Against Global Warming."  My environmentally conscious ex-greenpeace other half gave it to me.  She says that if I was a super hero, "The Denier" would be my super alias.  haha :)

I haven't started it yet, but I'm really excited to consume this little morsel.  The back cover lists several venerated scientists who dispute AGW in their own field of relevant expertise including Freeman Dyson.  Cool eh?  Freeman Dyson!  I have new respect for someone I already had great respect for.  He's a great thinker.  He came up with the concept of a Dyson Sphere you may have seen in an old STNG episode.  You know, the one where they find old Scotty preserved in a transporter buffer.  He also came up with the Astro-chicken, and the Dyson Tree.  We deniers are assembling a mighty flotilla here aren't we?

The second thing I've noticed already is that a contributor to the book, Dr. Edward Wegman, claims responsibility for debunking the "Hockey Stick" graph.  I thought it was Stephen McIntyre?  I love skeptics.  Everything is up for debate.  Either way, its widely known that the graph is bunk, and we even have stolen emails from the frauds proving that it was more than an honest mistake.  There is no longer any doubt that activist media, activist science, and activist politicians are colluding to disseminate this lie for their own agendas.  Why else is there blackout on the news that AGW is a hoax?  I'm even beginning to suspect that the preponderance of evidence isn't all that ponderous after all.  There needs to be a new accounting of this consensorship of opinion.  Once you strip away the bogus science and all its advocates the theory is shaky indeed. 

I'm looking forward to reading this book.  I hope the new perspectives from the various essays therein lends new ammunition to the real fight against Global Warming Hysteria.

Thanks & Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Why does the Amazon link have to make the post almost unreadable?

Spin Assassin said...

Does it? Are you reading from a blackberry or something?
It looks fine to me. I'll fix it if you could be more specific.

Spin Assassin said...

I'm halfway through the book and I need to make some corrections to the assumptions about the book.

1. none of those scientists are for or against AGW, they merely hold views that contradict the consensus dogma.

2. None of them contributed directly to the book, nor are thier essays fully reprinted inside.

3. Stephen Macyntyre is given full credit for drawing attention to the hockey stick in the book, but the validation of his work was done by the scientist Wegemen.

Sorry for the mix up, but it was Christmas and I was a little giddy. heh ;)

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