Sunday, December 20, 2009

Copenhagen: better than expected

Well done Minister Prentice and Prime Minister Harper. I was happy with what was being done by Canada at Hoaxenhagen (Copenhagen) but I wanted to wait until it was over before giving thanks.

Any gathering of high caliber nut jobs like socialist Chavez, mad Ahmadinijad, and The Goracle needs to be carefully watched. Poor handling of a thing like Hoaxenhagen could end up with us all clapped in chains as Dr. Fruit Fly Suzuki wishes.

The impression I'm getting is that nobody is happy with the agreement-treaty thing. Skeptics aren't happy and Eco-nazis aren't happy. I'd say this is good news, or at least the best news we could have hoped for.

The thing to do now is follow through on our commitments. I'm sure we will be able to meet our objectives with new technology like carbon capture and smart innovations like off grid NG powered housing. I'd like to see the grits toot the eco-horn if we actually make some progress in that direction. Its got to be all carrots and no tax bombs.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to All.


L said...

The good thing was that the base interests of all of the groups were EXPOSED. This was not so well known by most people before! I have learned a lot!

This is not about AGW. It is about $ transfer to a few rich people, the Mafia and 3rd world dictators.

The science is very much not sufficiently conclusive to require any global scheme such as this. There are lots of other ways for countries to approach any tangible problems.

The UN seriously needs to have its power curtailed, as we do not want a marxist world government and big pharma scares.

Many who signed Kyoto, except Canada and a few others with resources, want the scam to continue.

The poor 3rd world want mega-TONS of my $ for ???. Why should Brazil get paid by us to save their forests when we could pay our own population to save them. BIZARRE.

Europe and Russia want to pretend that they are holier-than-though and keep their carbon fraud scheme, as they are heavily invested.

Britain (Brown)wants a legacy (NOT!) and has the same interests as the EU.

China and India want everyone to go away and leave them alone so they can industrialize; China wants our technology for free to help curb emissions. Brazil wants to be paid for it, as does S. Africa

The US wants to get health care and other social programs through before the Senate turns Rep in 2010. GW is not Obama's priority.

Russia's interests are similar to Canada's, as are Australia and NZ - all sparsely populated with resources. But, Russians are torn, and have carbon credits. No wonder the delegation left early.

Canada, thanks to the PM and Jim Prentice, does not want to get sc***ed by anyone.

Anonymous said...

Still don't know why we don't go diesel for cars here in Canada as they do in Europe. Instead of subsidizing electric cars and ethanol. If we own GM any...

Marx-A-Million said...

Hugo Chavez will be lauging when Alberta is covered under a mile of ice in 15 years.

Spin Assassin said...

@ L
preaching to the priest my friend.

@ Anonymous
You can buy a deisel if you like, or you can buy an NG car. You can even walk if you choose. This is freedom; the opposite of socialism, where the elite pick everything for you becasue they know better.

@ Marx
You lose.

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