Monday, December 14, 2009

Fake Climate Change Solved!

I've got it! A fake press release full of fake promises regarding the fake problem of Global Warming has a very good solution. Lets follow through on these fake promises with fake money. All nations that feel they need climate reparations can simply print this blog as many times as they like. The notes on this page are only redeemable by participating green idiots across the world. In this spirit, I also give myself the Nobel prize for climate BS and having solved Global Warming. Thank You!


Bec said...

GENIUS! I love it but on a serious note, this is a horrendous twist added to an already frightening attempt at social and financial engineering.

wilson said...

When I first read the news release,
I thought
'OMG, the Coalition of Losers stormed the capital and seized government'!!!

But it's a fake, like the science behind AGW,

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately something rotten is about to happen in the state of Demark where our so-called “world leaders” are expected to acquiesce to a tax escalating and wealth transferring scam. A Canadian PM more apprehensive pursuant to the economy and welfare of Canadians than he is about his own prospects would enthusiastically and ardently oppose any form of the fraud known as "Cap, Tax, & Transfer” which will devastate the Canadian economy, transfer billions of our tax dollars to corrupt socialistic/communist countries, slaughter tens of thousands of our jobs, and diminish our standard of living

Now that communism has been invalidated, “Climatism” is the new “ism” adopted by the extremists as their vehicle to increase taxes and transfer wealth just as Trudeau’s National Energy Program was intended. The inconvenient truth is that the job slaughtering "Cap, Tax & Transfer" scheme that left-plunging Harper and Prentice are about to inflict us is a stealth strategy for enormous, disingenuous long-term, structural tax increases. "Cap, Tax & Transfer" will evolve around an economic Ponzi scheme that includes an enormous new source of tax revenue to the Canadian government to allow it to continue its current expansion into the private sector, will transfer billions of our tax dollars, will demolish tens of thousands of high paying manufacturing and service jobs, result in the transfer of political power to the emerging global governance, will be a devastating disasters for our children's standard of living, and a overwhelming transfer of wealth starting with the Climate Change Fund (CCF) which is being established to increase the reach of global governance and transfer at least $10 billion annually to the nations (many corrupt, some communist) of the world who repudiate creating their own wealth. However, these countries are not content with transfers of only $10 billion annually; these greedy, commonly corrupted/socialistic leaders are demanding hundreds of billions of dollars transferred each and every year. On top of that, if you can believe it, they don’t want the donor countries to have much say on how the money is spent (wasted). Our PM must stay far, far away from any contributions to this fraud fund which will finance the retirement funds for thousands of corrupt, socialistic, largely unelected leaders. Surely we all remember the last time that the UN was given responsibility and how they managed to screw-up the corrupt “Food for Oil” fund.

The latest scientific evidence clearly illustrates that the climate has not changed in the last eleven years, and that the so-called “climate change” is a socialistic hoax to transfer wealth. Therefore, at this time our PM must not annihilate the Canadian economy just to please the left-wing extremists who insist on higher taxes and wealth transfers. Rational people would think that the first step must include legitimate research and informed discussions pursuant to the current climate change paradigms rather than relying on erroneous computer models based on left-bias assumptions and manipulated data by some rogue “scientists”. These scientists are competing in a culture of exaggeration for the finite number of government research dollars by fabricating gloom and doom fantasies. The deliberations must include more than incontrovertibly paying attention to the biased press and environmental NGOs, each of which have their far-left agendas plus incentives to increase their influence and earnings or government grants. Step two would mandate the private sector, including the investment community possibly with tax incentives, to research, develop, produce, and implement technology necessary, such as carbon capture and sequestration, to resolve any climate problems that might be scientifically and legitimately confirmed to be acute; by reducing the carbon intensity per unity of production.

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