Monday, September 7, 2009

Liberals are thinking BIG: big spending, big deficits, and big taxes.

Nobody starts a war without a plan. Iggy has a plan for this election. The key is in the word BIG. I was a bit surprised when he used the word himself. It's a baited hook. It's too easy.

Big Spenders
We know Liberals like to throw money around. Its their nature. They are like bourgeois Robin Hoods. They take from non-Liberals to give to Liberals. Dion got it backwards. He tried to sell the tax before the spending. This election, be prepared to be dazzled with blinding bright red promises.

Big Deficits
The big red promises will be funded in red ink. They believe that we've crossed a threshold in our collective consciousness by running a deficit as a country. Never mind that it was an economic crisis. A little deficit is the same as a big deficit in their eyes.

The lost tax revenue coupled with enormous expenditures like GMs $10 billion bailout, and infrastructure spending across the board is the source of our deficit and it was necessary. Conservatives spend in emergencies. Conservatives spend in times of war and crisis, which in 2008 and 2009 have experienced both. Conservatives basically spend to put out fires. The Police, the Military, the Health system and others all exist to put out their individual fires. This is partly why capital must be conserved from minimum tax revenue. We don't know how many or how large the fires of the future will be. We still don't know exactly how large our current fires are.

Liberals splurge as a matter of course. ADSCAM is a perfect example. They will spend again. An election win would signal to them that no cost is too high for crazy programs like turning EI into the new welfare. Liberal stimulus will be like watering a garden with a fire hose. Sure things will be soaked with cash, but nothing good will survive.

Whats the Big Idea?
Its a subtle and devious question. Its designed to draw us all in in anticipation. To this point, they've said nothing. Iggy's book is empty. They wait for us to call them out and say that they are Big spending, Big taxing, Big government Liberals. Once we've done all the work to label them thus, the election will be called and the great red hope will be revealed. You can bet that it will be Big, and it will have a Big price tag. They won't need us all to buy it, just enough to tip the scales for an NDP coalition. Both parties love nothing more than a good old cash bonfire.

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