Friday, September 4, 2009

Damn The Torpedoes! Count Iggy forces the National Debt Higher

Reason will not prevail. Just 10 months after the people spoke, we are going back to the polls. The Liberals can't accept defeat no matter how clear the message. They are bent on rolling the election dice until they get the only acceptable result.

Iggy will sully and shame our democracy at a cost of $350 million. Its chump change to a BIG spending Liberal. They believe the treasury is theirs after all.

How can they claim to be good financial managers? Their own debts are still huge, even after a summer of begging. Now that they have a little cash they just can't wait to spend it.

Any Liberal will tell you that Chretien's Liberals had years of balanced budgets. None of them will tell you that it was thanks to Brian Mulroney. The GST was specifically introduced to pay down the debt. In a classic Liberal lie in their infamous Red Book they promised to eliminate the GST and stole the vote. That's right; stole it. Politicians normally try to buy votes, but when you swindle voters with false promises, its theft.

Now that Conservatives did all the hard work, they are trying to steal the country again. Just 10 months ago, when Liberals were going to slam Canadians with a terrible new tax, the economy crashed. Economists around the world said it was another Great Depression. They still say that it was the worst recession since the Second World War. With Stephen Harper's leadership and Jim Flaherty's expertise, the Conservatives implemented the Economic Action Plan. With deft and swift moves, Conservatives cooperated with Barack Obama and the other G20 nations to avert a decade of disaster.

It worked marvelously. Instead of plunging into the abyss, Canada steered clear of the worst of the dangers. We saved GM. We pumped $50 billion into the economy and now finally we are out of recession.

Of course, Liberal style dictates that they want to be back in power before the lagging indicators like jobs start to show positive numbers. It might be too late for the Liberals as jobs numbers are already starting to look up. Its obvious that they want to claim the Conservative Recovery.

Thankfully Canadians are smarter than condescending Liberal politics. Iggy's election gamble, a hail marry play, will fail utterly. If we must force another $350 million out of our overdrawn budget for Iggy's reckless oppourtinism than Canadians should vote Conservatives into majority. No more wasteful, unnessessary, elections. Let the Conservatives finish what it started. Let Canada soar the way only Conservatives can fly it.

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Spin Assassin said...

Apparently we aren't clear yet, and probably need to spend more money. Is it possible to get addicted to stimulus? How much is enough?

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