Friday, September 4, 2009

A New Coaltion?

There's a coalition possibility that nobody wants to talk about.

I'm the type of person who can watch my team lose and still think it was a good game if it was played well. I'd rather see a good game than any other kind. I want to see good Government.

The outcome of a game is pretty meaningless, while the outcome of an election means everything (we could have been hit with the Green Shaft!).

I'm sure that an election would end up with the same results more or less, except that everyone loses because we can't afford it, and we'll have to repeat it again and again and again.

Could we just skip all that? Could we find something useful for the Liberal party to do on our behalf?

Sadly I just don't think so. The Liberals are bent on one-up-manship. With the likes of Kinsella on the payroll, Liberals work tirelessly at sabotaging their partners and nothing else. The Liberal war machine itself prevents cooperation. The media eats it all up.

Lets stop with the war drums. Nobody wants an election, which is really: everybody wants cooperation. A coalition that represents most Canadians might be as impossible as Mideast peace or as long coming.

I'm calling for a truce Liberals. Fire Kinsella. Close the War room. Keep your new money and pay down your own debts. Lose your silly EI requests and behave reasonably for once. Do you Liberals wonder why we can't trust you to help out?

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