Monday, November 23, 2009

Conspiracy Confirmed: leaked CRU documents show coordinated effort to discredit AGW skeptics.

Wow everybody except the MSM is talking about it. You would think that a fact like all the climate models being wrong would get some attention in the MSM. Nope. Real news passes them by. Why?

Well there is a clue in these leaked emails and other files out of CRU. The same MSM that defamed Catholic priests and made them synonymous with child molesters has elevated climate scientists to sainthood. Their vaunted impartial objectivity is no more. The climate science of AGW is nothing more than PR and now we have the proof. Peer review panels are stacked in favor of AGW. Its a lot like stacking a jury to influence a verdict. Peer reviewed journals are kangaroo courts where only palletable papers are allowed to be published.

I strongly suspect that the reason the MSM keeps pushing AGW is because their editorial boards are as biased as the CRU cranks and possibly worse. If institutions and scientists can be infultrated then what makes the media so impregnable? Nothing! News is not news, its views.

Update: green socialists have been thrown in jail this morning after occupying Environment Minister Jim Prentices office. Terrorists hold lives hostage, while socialists hold property hostage. Thier demands were that Canada sign a treaty that would reduce harmelss CO2 emmissions to 25% below 1990 emmissions.
I've got a better idea. Why don't the green socialists reduce their income to 25% below their collective 1990 average? Oh no that kind of draconian measure only applies to us proles, not to our new lords and masters: the econazis. Hitler started with blackshirts and protests. Stop the green shirts! Time to push back!

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