Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Put Aside Partizanship for the Pipeline

Canada is united in the quest to build the Keystone XL pipeline.  Alberta is also united.  All of us wish the best of luck and success to Premier Redford in getting KXL approved.  I'd like to see all parties and all levels of government doing their utmost to get it done.

Now is not the time to be Liberal or Conservative, Wild Rose or Progressive.  We are all Canadians and we all have a stake in getting this pipeline built.  Billions are lost annually in government revenue alone and that is just a percentage of the actual output of the economic engine of the country. 

The Avro Arrow debacle coloured the perception of Canadians toward Americans for a generation.  The KXL question makes the whole Avro Arrow legend look like an overblown pipsqueak of a dirty trick in comparison. 

Back then we understood American motivations.  Now?  You can deal with a stable adversary but an unstable ally is dangerous even to himself.  The KXL is so obviously in America's own interest that their hesitation boggles the mind.  If national borders were continental plates then a third rejection of KXL will be a tectonic shift in our relationship. 

Each and every objection from the eco-nut movement is groundless.  Each objection is based on ignorant pejorative exaggerations towards a purely symbolic and ineffective end.  They shall not contain The Oilsands nor does our Ethical Oilsands need to be contained at all.

Even now the Obama administration struggles not with their dismal economy or international relations, but with which set of client special-interests, the unions or the eco-nuts, will have to take the medicine.  It's appalling and pitiful. 

Luckily I'm not on CAPP's diplomatic mission.

Allison Redford went to Washington Sunday with CAPP to try help and get KXL approved.  She also wrote an op-ed in USA Today.  I applaud her efforts.

During the Alberta election debate there was an infamous moment where a question about climate change was asked.  Danielle Smith fell into the trap saying "the science isn't settled."  Oops.  Dog whistle.  While the science is far from settled, politicians need to realize that this is a religious question and should be treated as one.  You don't go and say there is no Santa just because there isn't one.  You say: "Climate Change is absolutely real and we should do everything we can to deal with it" or something like that.  Not a single lie in that statement but most leftards won't catch on and the ones who do will only sound silly trying to warn the others.  Baby steps my friends.

Getting back to the point: as a result of the question Redford implied that a Progressive is best suited to talk to the leftish people blocking the KXL pipeline.  I was hoping KXL would be approved on day one of a Romney presidency and enjoy a glorious return to prosperity for the world. 

That however was not in the cards and so here we are with plan B.  Its showtime Redford.  Lay that progressive newspeak on thick.  Peter Kent is doing an excellent job as well and so is John Baird.  All of you keep the pressure on, opposition politicians included.  Everybody heave together.  We'll remember who doesn't.  There is going to be hell to pay if this deal fails.   

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