Saturday, December 1, 2012

Agenda 21 and Anthem

Glenn Beck and Harriet Parke have written an excellent book called Agenda 21.  Its about a dystopian future where UN Agenda 21 has taken over every aspect of life in the name of saving the planet. 

I'm loving it so far.  It reminds me a lot of Ayn Rand's Anthem.

Anthem was written in 1937 after Ayn Rand escaped from communist Russia.  Anthem is short enough to read in one or two sittings and available entirely free at the above link. 

Agenda 21 could easily be described as the prequel to Anthem since the characters in Agenda 21 still remember how it used to be in our civilization.  The character's in Anthem are generations removed from all history and science and as ignorant and primitive as Iron Age slaves. 

Both are pertinent timely reads in a world going nuts.

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Anonymous said...

When you examine history you see how agenda 21 has the same motive as Hitler and the Nazi party to socialize everything and give government exclusive power over the people.

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