Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oh Crap!

I've made a critical error in my logic concerning the fiscal cliff. In good faith I assumed that Democrats wanted the economy to do better and did not want to go over the fiscal cliff. My mistake. I did not account for the possibility that raising taxes back to the Clinton era and major cuts to defense spending as well as blaming it all on Republicans could be exactly what the Democratic Party wants after all.

Seen in that light, going over the fiscal cliff might be inevitable. Democrats are so determined to achieve the above outcomes that they don't care if they go off the cliff too.  The negotiations on the Democrat side might all be theatrics.  Its more a fecal cliff than a fiscal one.

Could they really be aiming for lose - lose? More people become dependent on government welfare and the Republican party is destroyed. It’s the one outcome they have complete control over. They can choose to lose. Oh Crap!

There is a bright side though. Stable, secure, peaceful, productive, profitable, prosperous, Canada can scoop up every company that doesn't want to pay a higher corporate tax. Every business and person making over $250,000 American Pesos a year should move to the True North Strong and Free. The Fraser Institute says that Alberta is is more free than Texas by a hair. Our lead is now secure thanks to the November election. You can always go back if sanity returns to Washington, or maybe you can just stay.


Thucydides said...

Encouraging millions of Americans to come to Canada will have many beneficial effects:

They will bring a fair amount of capital with them, the sort of capital we need for real wealth creating investments in industry, not the taxpayer funded "investments" in hockey arenas

We will receive a huge cultural boost from a large cadre of energetic and entrepreneurial people.

We will get a wave of young people eager to work and who will correct many of the labour shortages that plague many of our industries

Since they are already politically aware, they will correct the leftward drift in Canadian politics and institutions.

So by all means start inviting them to come to Canada, we need them and they need us. A Win-Win all around.

Anonymous said...

This is what Rush Limbaugh has been saying all along. Obama doesn't care about his 'legacy', just his agenda.

Patsplace said...

Ah yes!! A blog post that seems to thing Americans are OK. I can hear the lefty heads exploding already. Gotta love it. Welcome Yanks!!
My sign is out!!

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