Friday, November 16, 2012

Sight Seeing at the Fiscal Cliff

Boy its a long way down. 

The neologism of the "fiscal cliff" is pretty powerful.  Good(ish) economy up here.  Bad economy down there.  Tax cuts expire, government spending stops, and so-on to a tune of 600 billion that will be such a drag on the economy that it will seem to have plunged off a cliff.

I can't say I'm that worried about the so called "Fiscal Cliff."  Obama will raise taxes.  That battle was lost on election day.  Republicans caved last time and extended the problem until now.  Nothing has changed, so get on with it.

Unless the Republicans plan a stunning suicide move, then there is nothing to worry about.  Do they think that America is better off without them?  If so then by all means jump off the cliff.  You could gamble that people would forget who jumped, or more likely it would give Obama his second excuse for a second term of a dismal economy.

How does it make sense to jump to stop someone from pushing you over?  It must be hard with Pharaoh shouting "FORWARD! FORWARD!" Obama is king now, though I think Pharaoh suits him better (fair-O). Let Pharaoh Hussien rule this economy. 

The economy is toast under Obama anyway.  The Eurozone is posting negative growth and so is Japan.  I know we are going down to the bottom one way or another, but still I'd prefer to take the stairs. 

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