Sunday, November 11, 2012

I Remember

I'm lucky not to remember any wars personally.  I'm lucky because of the people who, even now, have put themselves harms way for me. 

For a time these great citizens give up thier freedoms to serve the Crown and project our national will wherever it leads.  For some it leads to the ultimate sacrifice.  Our debt to them is too great to describe.  All these noble heroes ask in return is we honor them and thank them.

Thank you.

What I remember on Rememberance Day are Rememberance Days past.  I remember the cold rainy ones in front of Cenotaphs where only Legion members, Cadets and thier Officers would show up.  Seeing those old veterans there in the weather with thier medals dripping and their eyes dry and alert; the memory gives me great comfort.  There is deep and enduring strength in the people of this land. 

Parents, put your kids in Cadets.  I can't tell you enough what a great experience it was for me.  Rememberance Day is just one example of the invaluable life lessons that a Cadet is exposed to.  Citizenship, athleticism, and skill building are a few of the benefits to a teen in the Cadets.  They can learn to fly, sail and shoot.  They learn self confidence and pride.  They are sent to far flung corners of Canada. 

Myself, I spent many fine summers at RMC learning to sail.  I went to Greenland, and Resolute Bay and Iqaluit with the Coast Gaurd.  I was on the Range Team, the First Aid Team, Both Drill teams, Sheer-legs team, the Band, became Chief of the corps.  What a fantastic time it was.  All of it paid from donations and the government.

My parents were immigrants and didn't have any extra money for hockey or whatever.  I went farther and did more in my than many others my age on a shoestring budget. 

It shaped who I am:  A Canadian Citizen and Patriot.  That is how I remember on November 11th.  I remember how good this country has been to me and that it cost some heroes everything so I could live in it.

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JohnR said...

Fantastic post thank you.

All they ask of us is one minute of silence to allow us to remember?

NOT CBC British Columbia TV.

They aired a repeat of Coronation Street and totally ignored the National Remembrance Day Ceremonies broadcast from Ottawa today.

What are we rural Canadian supposed to do when "our national broadcaster" does this?

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