Thursday, July 7, 2011

The End of the Beginning for Wild Rose

The introductions are over.  Everyone knows the Wild Rose Alliance is on the scene and looking to clean out the decrepid old PC Party.  We know that the Wild Rose Alliance is the real thing.  They are the grass roots, once in a generation revival of true conservative principals here in Alberta.  Their aim is nothing short of replacing the PC pretenders.

Who are PC's anyway?  Progressive Conservatives.  Progressive is the Politically Correct way to say Liberal in the west.    Its as if they are ashamed of just being conservative.  They have to qualify it with progressive.

Like the federal Liberals before them, the PC's have become a Natural Governing Party.  Its not surprising that people who like to call themselves progressive will also think that a Natural Governing Party is the ultimate goal of a political entity.  They think its a good thing.  They see nothing wrong with becoming the uncontested supreme rulers of an electorate such that there is no choice for a responsible citizen but their choice.  A natural governing party is the de facto government and not responsible to its citizens.  Nothing is uglier to a freedom loving conservative than the specter of an entitled and entrenched natural governing party like the PC's. 

This isn't just rhetoric.  The progressive disease is deeply entwined with every move this Alberta Government makes.  Lets run through some the larger controversies the PC government has caused recently.
  •  The Royalty Review.
  • The Health Care Review
  • Carbon Schemes
  • Summarily shutting down private zoos
  • seizing oil sands leases
An entire book can written about each one of those above and I'm sure there are more.  The common thread between each of them is the big uncaring natural government of the PC's trampling the rights of citizens in favor of their pet bureaucracy.

The PC's have been sitting there so long I can't see a difference between the politicians and the bureaucracy.  Its almost like bureaucrats colonized the PC ranks in the decades since their ascendancy.  The route to any real power lies with the PC party.  There isn't much left except people desperate to get in power and stay in power for their own sake.

There are some glimmers of hope for individual characters in the PC Party.  I look forward to your inclusion in the Wild Rose Alliance. 

The take home message for Wild Rose is that the PC party has to go.  Its not going to go easily.  Its going to get ugly and juvenile over there.  Look at it already.

Keep your heads.  Let them be petty because its all they've got.  Enunciate the points above and keep bringing up new ones.  People have to know clearly why the PC's are no longer acceptable.  They have to see how this government reacts when it gets caught doing something bad and understand that if not for perceptive citizens they would have merrily continued and congratulated themselves for it afterwards.  

People need to know that if the government can grab back leases they sold fair and square and shut down private businesses without hearings or trials then they can do anything!  Your success is at the pleasure of the bureaucrats. 

Its not enough to trot out the speech about Alberta's political history.  You know the one.  Social Credit was swept out and now the PC's are going to be swept out.  It was awesome hearing that the first 10 times, even once on the CBC.  What we have to know now is explicitly why the PC's should be swept out.  The introductions are over.  There is so much to work with too.

Take Stelmach for example.  I've got nothing against him as a person, but as a premier?  What an embarrassment.  I felt sorry for him.  He was in way over his head from day one.  The only good thing he ever did was quit and look how long its taken him to just do that?  -Not before he helped himself to a huge cash goodbye present though.  He's got a sympathetic face but he is one self-entitled PC reject.

Our Wild Rose, Danielle Smith, will lead us to victory and as Premier be the shining example to Canada that we all demand.


Cytotoxic said...

You should change the title of this post. I thought you were going to say it's all over for Wildrose!

Anonymous said...

I found the title confusing too.

Alex said...


Alex said...

I should have called it:

The Beginning of the End of the End of the PC's

hehe thanks for coming by anyways.

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