Thursday, July 7, 2011

Drop Progressive from Conservative Parties

Its time for a name change for parties that sport Progressive in their titles but are actually conservative.  Sorry.  Liberals and Socialists have taken up Progressive as one of their key words.  It matters.  Whenever the electorate begins to realize what socialists are all about, they change the name and keep the ideology.

This is why Socialists became Liberals and now Liberals are Progressives.  Its more palatable they think.  I know what was meant by Progressive when applied to Conservatives.  The route word is progress while its anything but.  Now progressive is about the progress of bigger and bigger government.  Its about progress of the laws over people who follow them and coddling for people who don't.  Its the same way that Liberals are liberal with spending good peoples money.  The classical liberal is gone and so is the progressive.  They are all just socialists.

Do you doubt me?  Good.  Google Progressive.   Here is what you see when the Liberal Party shows up.
The Liberal "blog" goes out of its way to use the word progress and its derivatives in every post.  "..The summer progresses..., ...we are making progress...'' etc...  You might not want to drop your P word yet but they are obviously moving in on it. 

Lets ask Alf Apps, Liberal Party President, what he thinks Liberals are:

The Alberta PC's can keep Progressive.  They are more progressive than conservative.  The rest of you PC's had better think long and hard about what progressive means and what its coming to mean.  Do you really want to be socialist conservatives?  Its not about progress.


The_Iceman said...

I used to consider myself a progressive until I found out that there are others who call themselves "progressives" who have a different definition of "progress" than I do.

Anonymous said...

Progressives are morons, cut off all foreign aid, as one Kenyan, her name escapes me at the moment, gal said, "stop giving them money, they have to learn how to take care of themselves".

UNITED NATIONS — Business-driven economic growth — and not foreign aid — is keeping many United Nations world development goals on track, the world body said Thursday.

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