Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tories Gaining, Coalition Waning

Congratulations are in order for the government's 2 newest MPs.  I'm talking about Julian Fantino and Robert Sopuck.

Julian Fantino in particular had a hard battle.  I lived in Vaughan for about 5 years and can tell you its a very Liberal place.  Liberals there aren't the ideological sort but the old boys, kiss-the-ring, Libranos types.  It could be argued that the hard left Liberal ideology is what got them into their current mess.  Dion got the popular vote in their last leadership race so I think its fair to say that the soul of the party has gone to live next to the NDP in obscurity.  Liberals in Vaughan however haven't got any rings to kiss.  The Natural Governing Party is gone and Ignatieff offers little hope for a return to glory.  Vaughan is ripe to forge new loyalties and the by-election results are the first step in that direction.   Julian Fantino is already a household name there.  I always knew he would end up in politics and he is just the man in just the place and time to usher in a new Conservative era.  Congratulations again to Julian Fantino!

Robert Sopuck is new to me.  I don't recall having ever stepped foot in  Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette but I applaud and congratulate the voters of that riding.  Congratulations to Robert Sopuck.

The Christmas season is one of generosity and so I will also extend my congratulations to Winnipeg-North.  Just over 10% of the voters there voted Conservative this time and I'm confident that number will grow.  It seems the majority of voters there are resigned to have their representative languish in opposition.  They chose ideology over good sense and that isn't all bad.  The Liberals are still right of their coalition partners the NDP. Ideologically speaking, I hope that trend continues all the way over to the responsible choice some day.

Congratulations to all the candidates and voters for caring enough to participate in democracy and adding their voices to our future.  Thank you all.


Anonymous said...

Don't anyone take this the wrong way but mobsters never had trouble changing loyalties, they go where the power is. (real conservative)

Alex said...

I know what you mean. They aren't mobsters though, nothing they do is illegal. Its just that they live and breath that culture in their business and family lives. They're Italian.

Anonymous said...

Alex, I know man, I live nearby and my riding is primarily Italian. (real conservative)

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